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  1. Hello Das Limpet, I found this really interesting cap at Der Rittmeister website. Thought you would like a look. Here are the pages..... http://www.derrittmeister.com/justin.htm http://www.derrittmeister.com/productpages/20161.htm Best Wishes, Justinkase
  2. Hello, I have always wondered, and have never had a answer to why, that after the Allies won WWII, that all the Axis powers had thier National flags outlawed, or forced to be changed, that the Japanese where still and are able to have the Meatball flag as thier National flag? Even as a young boy in the 1970`s, visiting the Vets clubs, the Vets themselves could not explian and or understand why? I and others still find that flag as a reminder of the evils that the Japanese Empire brought upon the world. Still after all these years it has been allowed to fly for the Japanese Nation. What do you think? Best Wishes, Justinkase
  3. Hello, I found a German Naval Admirals Dress Fore-and-Aft Hat on the Time Traveler Militaria website. Here is the page if you want a look.. http://www.johnnyg.westhost.com/helmets-imp-german-2.html Best Wishes, Justinkase
  4. Hello Theodor, I found this nice gas mask on the Screamn Eagle website. Thought maybe you would be interested in it. Here is the page... http://www.screamneagle.com/gwwi7.html Best Wishes, Justinkase
  5. Dear Das Limpet, First of I would like to say that you brought up a very good question, and it was very enjoyable to have read all the results from the question that you asked. They make sense to me. I was on the Collector`s Guild website and they had this hat, but now it is sold, but here is the picture of it anyway. Nice close up shots. It looks good but I do not know for sure. Anyway have a look... http://www.germanmilitaria.com/Imperial/photos/G012356.html Best Wishes, Justinkase I also found these Naval hats on Der Rittmeister website that are for sale.... http://derrittmeister.com/productpages/04294.htm http://derrittmeister.com/productpages/13389.htm http://derrittmeister.com/productpages/13390.htm http://derrittmeister.com/productpages/13304.htm http://derrittmeister.com/productpages/13529.htm http://derrittmeister.com/productpages/3906.htm Interesting to look at, if not buy if you can afford. Thanks
  6. Hello Christophe, After looking at the pictures that you have posted and checking out William E. Hamelmans` book "German Wound Badges" pages 59-61, in my opinion, and what is pictured and written in Williams` book, this badge is a cast copy. Also in my opinion the case is also to big for the badge. Best Wishes, Justinkase
  7. Chris B you are correct in your translation. That is what the plaque translates into. Mike you can get some info about the German Labour Front here... http://www.answers.com/topic/german-labour-front Best wishes Justinkase
  8. Bob, I would like to say in your years of collecting or what you do is cool. You do not know it all. By shooting your mouth off by capital letters does nobody justice. My Grandfather brought home a HJ armband that was printed off a dead HJ boy, and it was stamped. You should remember that there where regulations for every aspect of all the military and non military forces, however they where not always inforced. Many firms and companys that produced items where not always per specs. As long as it was NSDAP in its look, it did not matter , especially towards the end of the war. Best Wishes, Justinkase
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