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  1. Good afternoon from Brasil, Christophe! I guess that that Oberst Bernhard von Süssmilch gen. von Hörnig's photo was given for my grandfather Fritz Horst Steglich when he attended the military academy in 1912. I wonder if Oberst Bernhard von Süssmilch gen. von Hörnig was beside the King Friedrich August III von Sachsen giving the St. Hein. medal for my grandfather in 1917, as you can see, Sir, in the following photos. Best regards!
  2. Good morning, dear gentlemen! I'd like to post this picture of the Oberst Bernhard von Süssmilch gen. von Hörnig, who was my relative. It has been hoarded in the personal things of my Grandfather Fritz Horst Steglich and it had been kept with him during all the Great War.
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