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  1. Those that are currently offered on ebay are all 3rd classes and I don't see any 2nd class of this early type for sale. Those early 3rd classes are cheap and would be in the entry level collector's range. The early 2nd classes aren't that cheap but they also aren't too expensive either but they aren't that easy to find.
  2. Unfortunately no. Until recently I thought they were, even though they don't have any silver hallmarks but a fellow forum member pointed out to me that these aren't in fact made of silver. Here's another early second class of this order posted by Paja, numbered #411.
  3. I decided to create this topic to share my early Order of Labour 2nd class, a rare screwback version with a low number. I hope to turn this topic into a small forum database of this order (only screwback versions) since these are getting harder and harder to find so if you have one and if you're willing to share it with the community, feel free to post some pictures. Also, what's the highest number you've seen on these? The highest I've seen was in a #1,6XX range. Here's my boxed example numbered #462. It came in a group of the holder of the Partisan Remembrance Award 1941 but sad
  4. Milutin Morača (on the left) wearing his Kutuzov 2nd class. He is general-major on this photo unlike the quoted one when he was a pukovnik (colonel).
  5. Here's another photo of Peko Dapčević (on the right) wearing his Suvorov 2nd class.
  6. I'd like to update the list of recipients since I've found more names as well as dates and ranks for most of them at the time they got the award. Order of Kutuzov 1st class: 1. Bakarić Vladimir (15.10.1945.) 2. Čolaković Rodoljub (15.10.1945.) 3. general-lajtnant Dapčević Peko (15.10.1945.) 4. general-lajtnant Đilas Milovan (5.9.1944.) 5. Hebrang Andrija (15.10.1945.) 6. general-lajtnant Jovanović Arso (5.9.1944.) 7. Jovanović Blažo (15.10.1945.) 8. Kidrič Boris (15.10.1945.) 9. Kovačević Sava (posthumously) 10. general-lajtnant Milutinovi
  7. After some time, I'd like to update the list since I've found two more names and dates for the second class, plus an additional nine recipients of the third class. I've changed the format of the list which includes the recipients rank at the time he got the award. Order of Suvorov 1st class: 1. maršal Broz Josip (5.9.1944.) 2. general armije Gošnjak Ivan (20.6.1956.) 3. general-lajtnant Jovanović Arso (15.10.1945.) 4. general-lajtnant Popović Koča (15.10.1945.) general-lajtnant Ranković Aleksandar (15.10.1945.) Order of Suvorov 2nd class: 1. general-majo
  8. Wasn't this cross established in 1916? Karl became the emperor in November 1916. EDIT: Seems like we've replied at the same time. @GdC26
  9. What an amazing mapcase and a very amazing project! I have my grandpa's leather mapcase (Yugoslav People's Army) and it still has a lot of pencils, erasers, rulers and other stuff that he used. Not as cool as your piece though since it's much more common.
  10. Thank you for sharing these amazing pieces from your collection!
  11. Thank you for your quick response! The spying industry was blooming at the time so no wonder it had its representatives in the fair.
  12. Can someone help me identify this Czechoslovak badge with a year 1946 on it? It has a maker mark KARNET KYSELY on the back.
  13. Very nice badge! It's a youth railway 1947 shock worker badge. These are rarer than the regular shock worker badges with a year only. I've seen them go for as much as 20€.
  14. We're talking about some very expensive bananas here. 😂
  15. WOW, the details on this fruit bowl are out of this world!
  16. The road Čačak-Titovo Užice 1960 badge. It's interesting that the road was built the same year as parts of the Highway Brotherhood and Unity as shown in one of the previous posts. Other than that, I don't know much about the badge nor the labour action for which it was issued.
  17. These are amazing. I love the fact that so many of these are numbered and made of silver. Thank you very much for sharing them with us!
  18. Great! Please let me know when you open the thread in case I miss it.
  19. Adriatic Highway (Jadranska magistrala) 1964 badge. Adriatic Highway stretches along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and it passes through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. It was built during the '50s and '60s but I've only seen the badge with a year 1964 on it.
  20. Indeed! It would be more interesting if they were numbered but at least you can match any badge to a document to complete the set. I would really like to see them. Please send me a private message with a link if you posted them somewhere.
  21. Probably the most famous Yugoslav labour badge of them all, the shock worker (udarnik) badge. Shock workers were highly productive workers and they got these badges for their labour merits. There are many of these badges with different years on them and some of them even have extra writing. For example the youth railway (omladinska pruga) or highway (autoput) which indicates that the badge was meant to be given to a shock worker who worked on these labour actions. Here is my shock worker badge from 1959.
  22. Now some documents... Here's the group of documents issued to my grandpa. He participated in two youth labour actions, Highway Brotherhood and Unity 1958 (Ljubljana-Zagreb) and 1959 (Paraćin-Niš). He was a regular worker (brigadir) in 1958 and a commander of company (komandir čete) in 1959 when he earned a shock worker (udarnik) badge. He was a worker of the 3rd Belgrade Youth Labour Brigade which held the name "Žikica Jovanović Španac" in 1958 and "Boris Kidrič" in 1959. My grandpa got three badges, highway 1958 and 1959 badge and a shock worker 1959 badge. Unfortunately, the badges are
  23. The work to connect north with south of Yugoslavia continued 8 years after the Zagreb-Beograd part of the highway was built. These were the highway labour actions by a year: 1958 - Zagreb-Ljubljana (80km, 53,323 people) 1959 - Niš-Paraćin and Demir Kapija-Negotino (110km in total, around 51,000 people) 1960 - Niš-Grdelica and Udovo-Gevgelija (113km in total, around 48,557 people) 1961 - Grdelica-Skopje (138km, 46,699 people) 1962 - some final work on the highway and I think this includes parts of highway in Serbia and Macedonia 1963 - Osipaonica-Beograd It is said that 251,
  24. Perhaps one of the most famous labour actions was the Highway Brotherhood and Unity. The first part was built between Zagreb and Belgrade in the length of around 400km of highway. The preparations lasted from 1946 until 1948 and the work started on April 1st 1948 and it lasted until July 15th 1950. I've seen different badges for this labour action but I only have the one from 1949. The one from 1950 looks the same like this one but it obviously has a different year on it and instead of the white enamel part where there's the text bratstvo-jedinstvo it has light blue enamel. I've also seen
  25. This one is a personal favorite. Vinodol 1952 badge for the construction of hydroelectric power plant Vinodol and the road Delnice-Gornje Jelenje. Unfortunately I don't know much more but I've seen the same badge with years 1953, 1954 and 1955.
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