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  1. Nick, again, if you would ever sell these tinnies, I am Interested. Thanks, Steve
  2. Ralph,forgive me if I have already asked, but do you still have these flight tinnies?

    1. Ralph A

      Ralph A

      Sorry brotha-man. I thought I responded. I looked for anything in your field of interest as best i could, and found nothing. There's more than 1000 tinnies to dredge through... I plan to go through them again soon (they need organizing/shaking out badly) and if anything turns up you can surely have it. I'll let you know.

      As for stickpins, i sold all those to Chris Weiser. If there was anything among those, he has them now.

      Thanks for asking! Best regards!


    2. reck


      Thanks for getting back to me Ralph

  3. I do have this medallion, but on mine the red has faded.



      Maybe it was exposed to sunlight a lot over the 80+ years.  I keep mine in a box in a dark corner of my room.  Is yours marked with the Berliner Porcelen werks logo?

  4. I have a large DLV collection so I am always interested in any pieces
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