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  1. Interesting... I don't see any invasion into the number... The question is it a mistake (such are known) on the Jubilee OPW2 1985 or it is a reissue of the war time award but on the Jubilee type... IT is more likely a mistake... but I am not sure if any of the two theories can proved definitively.
  2. A bit special OAN # 27795, bestowed to Lt. Col. BALASHOV, the commander of 144 mortar regiment of the Supreme Command reserve, for the action in MArch 1945 near Ostrava (Moravia). The special about this OAN is that the cavalier was bestowed in total with THREE orders of Aleksander Nevsky. There were only 5 men like him ever. Citation: "He provided fire support to 315 Guards rifle regiment, 128 Guards rifle division in the operation for enemy defence breakthrough north-west of Ostrava (Moravia) and commanded the infantry artillery support group. He arranged for efficient ope
  3. It is possible Bill. Jubilee 1985 OPW are researchable with a hit rate similar to the war time awards. Are you sure? Could you show it? Otherwise there exists a small number of awards with a mistake in the numbers, like one digit less or one digit more.
  4. Hello! What is the number, 288867 ? Can't clearly see it.... If so, then it is likely was issue on the 1 Belorussian front at the end of the war in Europe. For research, I can recommend my self. 😄 BTW, I just opened my site last week: ResearchSovietOrders.com I also added database feature to my site. Currently, you can search some info for free, and some info you can request. But later, the database will be expanded for possibility to add any number for being added to searching (f.ex. to reunite a group, f.ex.).
  5. Any news on researching these items? I am especially curious about the OGIII.
  6. Hello Andrew, I have the following numbers, all of which are documented either with a register card or a handout protocol (mostly with protocols). I am sure you have already many of these, but here it goes. Maybe we could exchange some info. ================ Khmelnitsky 2: 297 ; 508 ; 537 ; 589 ; 590 ; 593 ; 744 ; 956 ; 957 ; 958 ; 966 ; 971 ; 972 ; 978 ; 979 ; 985 ; 1023 ; 1150 ; 1470 ; Khmelnitsky 3: 260 ; 290 ; 312 ; 386 ; 508 ; 684 ; 980 ; 999 ; 1260 ; 1306 ; 1307 ; 1364 ; 1411 ; 1412 ; 1413 ; 1415 ; 1435 ; 1451 ; 1453 ; 1466 ; 1469 ; 1474 ; 1495 ; 1496 ; 1497 ; 2010 ; 2
  7. I want to share my present reality... I discovered an OGII awarded to the full cavalier. But the post service lost it... So my present day reality bites.
  8. For the St. george cross the name is, unfortunately, not identifiable.
  9. This is an innocent looking letter. One of many, right? Not quite! First of all, not often one sees a man whose first name is Achilles (Ахилл) like the Greek hero, right? OK, this alone makes my mental alarm beep. But there is more. Much more. Apparently, STALIN made an example of this man and named the guy specifically in one of his decrees in October 1941. But first, the letter, which was written on 01 April 1944 to the wife. The author is Commissar BANKWITZER Achilles L'vovich (1892-1970). "Dear Allya, It is all the same here. I am very worried due to lack of news from
  10. SUKHETSKIY Petr Romanovich, 1926. A pontoon layer of the 108 separate pontoon battalion, 18 motorised engineer brigade, 2 Guards tank army. He received a Bravery medal for the battle of Berlin after 16 April for constructing the pontoon bridge across Spandauer Schifffahrtskanal and passing 27 tanks to the other bank, while under enemy fire.
  11. It just takes 10 years, right? But here is something to cheer up a fellow phalerist! Here is the Red Star awarded to aerial gunner TSIRULNIKOV, who flew multiple mission with the pilot SHCHUKIN from 766ShAP! F.ex. here (see image) they flew the mission on 21 Feb 1945 against the enemy concentration at Groß Blumenau (today Kremnevo) near Koenigsberg. Two interesting airforce related awards! Imagine these were once flown on the same airplane ! These are the photos of aerial gunners training at 766ShAP. And here is the regiment commander pilot HSU ERMILOV
  12. Thank you for sharing!!!! Great! Nice citation. Here is the map of KLYUCHNIKOV's separate AA artillery squadron in 1943 about the time mentioned in the citation.
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