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  1. These are issued by NGOs. I even believe, anyone can buy them for himself. Can be purchased here from the manufacturer: http://www.vto-orden.com.ua/ru/catalog/award/znak-narodnoyi-poshani-geroj-chornobilya3
  2. I am quite sure these are not postal stamps. These were used to mark that the membership fee has been payed. Like a receipt.
  3. Hello! What do you mean with "it isn’t correctly numbered" ? Is there anything wrong with the engraving?
  4. Please, give an example of your failed search. Maybe we can help.
  5. It would help if the scans were sharper... The recipient is a man with surname CHUGUNKOV A.I. (the way you wrote the surname whould mean that was a woman). He worked as a loader, i.e. the guy whose tasks was to move heavy loads (the word "lumberjack" is stricken out and "loader" is written on top). I believe, CHUGUNKOV was indeed an inmate or former inmate in the correctional facility. The facility was located at or near settlement Sos'va in Sverdlovsk region and was mainly lumber cutting and transportation.
  6. I am glad to help! The scan of this document is not that sharp... But it looks like the recipient is a woman - CHUMKOVA T.S. Grammatical surname spelling implies that the recipient is a woman (ЧУМКОВУ Т.С.). If it was a man, this would read ЧУМКОВА Т.С. п/я УЕ-394/1З п/я - почтовый ящик - post box. This was also a notation used, when the name of organization was no used in open communication. УЕ-394/1З - this is code for the correctional facility. Today its called ФКУ ИК №13. http://www.list-org.com/company/930716/map
  7. These are two exactly the same gramotas issued on the same date, 30 April 1945, to two people - man and wife. The man was mechanical engineer at Orutukan plant. The woman also worked at the plant. These two are exactly the same as yours, with exactly the same text. I believe, KUDRIAVTSEV was a colleague of this couple - a civilian engineer or a worker.
  8. That is right, but it doesn’t indicate directly, that this particular man was in NKVD service. Not only GULAG inmates lived and worked in the area, hence this man could had been a so called “freely employed”. There is no rank. The paper itself was signed by the Head of labour union and the Head of the local Com. party organisation. I cannot quite clearly see the stamp, but doesn’t look like it supports NKVD theory either.
  9. Hello and thank you for sharing! Why do you think the recipient was in NKVD? I don't really see any direct indication of that.
  10. Good one, Nick! Here is one of the actions described in the citation. When rifle battalion commander Lt. IVASHKO replaced wounded company commander on 31 July 1944 in the engagement near village Stefanivka. The citation and the map describe 2 attacks by 1 and 20 Hungarian infantry divisions supported by 2 tanks, which took place at 18:30.
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