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  1. As a very inactive member of the GMIC I still follow post and learn from it. Now I can give back a bit as I have an example of this Diamond Jubilee press pass, and would like to post a couple of photos for the record. It is numbered 355 and marked to Bowman Limited, London as the maker. An excellent account of how this badge was obtained and used by an American reporter can be found in a book that is available in readable format online; "A Looker On In London" by Mary H. Krout, an author and reporter for a Chicago newspaper. FireMedals
  2. docpomus, Just one of the many, many variations of this medal. There were any number of companies making these, and as long as they looked something like the regular white cross, eagle, etc., the various Commanderies could order whatever they liked. Firemedals
  3. I have a pair of Japanese WWII medals that were awarded to a fireman during the WWII bombing and fire raids. The group also includes a 14 page, small format, printed booklet reported to be his service record. It appears to be a general rules book, but has personal entries, and probably has his name, rank, etc.. I would like to contact someone who could provide a basic translation overview of the document, not every word, but enought to give me some information on the fireman himself, his city, times of service and the like. I would like to send a photocopy of the document to anyone who cou
  4. I would offer that the odds are higher than ever before, given the fact that terrorist acts are considered war operations now. Any future attack on a US harbor, ship in a port, or on the hight seas with the CG present and in a front line combat role, and with a heroic act that would have merited the Navy Cross otherwise, would now allow the CG to recognise that heroism. Without the NC available, these men or women would receive what....some Department of Transportation medal? I'm not generally in favor of all the new medals that have come about over the last few years for just doing your duty,
  5. Yes, everyone in uniform is serving their country, but does that equate to earning a medal? Does doing your job in the military mean you've earned a medal? Overlooking the fact that everyone who comes out of basic training and goes to their first duty assignment now has several ribbons over their pocket, the man or woman servicing the drones to insure they fly their missions are often well within the range of small arms, RPG's or car bombs, and are lucky to get an Achievement Medal. However now the person watching a computer image in an air conditioned war-room in Montana, and has his/her fing
  6. First let me preface this with the statement that I am a US Air Force veteran. Personally, the idea of combat medals for non-combat duty was bound to come about. Just as in the Viet-nam era, when you needed a combat command and a combat decoration to insure geting your ticket punched for promotion, clerks weren't fast enought to keep track of officers rotating through a unit. Of course, the number of Bronze Star and Commendation medals, Air Medals, and in the documented cases of more than a few senior officers who got caught, some other senior medals were given out, often for not even going
  7. Hzenba, Welcome to the Forum. It's nice of you to ask if all is well here after all your country has gone through in the last year. I lived in Japan for a while in 1970, one of the best times of my life. I hope all is well with you. What is your collecting interests? FireMedals
  8. Steve, Thanks for posting to this too-long inactive thread. It's rare that a KT medal can be identified to an individual or specific time. so having one to a known recipient and from a specific time frams is great. Any chance of photo's being posted. My example of a GREEN medal only has the name stamped...no KC. It also doesn't have stars. I'd like to see your example for comparison. Ther was also a maker named STEINER in Kansas City, but they are older, and made better quality pieces than later makers. One major problem is also IDing the makers. Most didn't mark them and some supplie
  9. muckaroon1960 Unfortunately there is no easy way to trace the name of the recipient of your Marine GCM, however research has narrowed down the time period in which some numbers were issued. I believe that number 56866 would have been issued to a Marine who enlisted in late July - early August 1918. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing. As Paul R. mentioned, now you need to get the reserve components medals. Fortunately most are fairly inexpensive, and a complete collection makes a great display.
  10. Thanks, I just added it to my favorites . A lot of memories to review. Firemedals
  11. Scott, This ribbon reportedly is used by the Colorado National Guard as a Commendation Ribbon. It has also been identified as various awards for other State Guard units as far back as WWI. I think the CO connection can be checked, but I know at least some of the reported uses of the ribbon are incorrect. I'm not aware of what it may have been used for circa WWII. You could do a search of each state Nat. Guard site for clues. Unfortunately most states have several obsolete awards and finding information on them can be difficult. Good Luck Firemedals
  12. Thanks Hugh and hc8604. I appreciate the leads. I never would have connected this with a mandarins rank insignia. Now I'll try to connect it with the rest of the "stuff" that came with it. FireMedals
  13. Hi, I just bought a box of material that appears to have come from a Frenchman who served in Shanghi before WWII and in Vietnam during WWII, apparently up to the US involvment in 1964.I'm still trying to sort through it all, but this piece was attached to a display panel along with several French and VN medals, coins, etc.. It is a piece of ivory with the Chinese-style characters engraved on it, and then filled with red ink or paint. It was hanging in a prominent place on the panel with his other awards, so he was obviously proud enought of it to give it a place of honor.It's possible he ha
  14. Looks like a half-a$$ed copy, probably from the up and coming Chinese fake medal industry. FireMedals
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