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  1. Siegfried Heine had the following assignments: 22.04.1914 Adjutant der 27. Infanteriebrigade 06.01.1915 Führer der 6. / Infanterieregiment 256 05.10.1915 Adjutant des VIII. Armeekorps 01.08.1917 Kommandeur des I. / Leibgrenadierregiment 8 27.05.1918 im Kriegsministerium 09.04.1920 ausgeschieden
  2. Ich bin so froh einen echten Zauberer zu kennen!!! 😁😁 Great job, Daniel.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Hugo Meurer did not receive the China-Denkmünze but the Südwestafrika-Denkmünze. It is a period mistake on the ribbon bar. Regarding the Rangliste 1918, it does not show foreign orders and furthermore it is not complete (Stand 14.02.1918). There were still 9 months to go until the war ended and many decorations were awarded in this time. Best regards Nicolas
  4. Pretty unlikely, but could both LW eagles have been replaced? If they were Heer eagles before, later Generalmajor (posthum) Günther von Dewitz-Krebs would be a perfect match with HOH3X, EK1, SA3aX, HH, ÖM3K. He died on 05.06.1940 in France, but could have received his Wiederholungsspange before that date. Maybe you already found a match since the last post was made 14 years ago🙂 Best Nicolas
  5. Another possibility could be Generalmajor der Luftwaffe Fritz Löb (1895-1940). Just an idea. EK1, MK2, BH Best Nicolas
  6. Thank you anyway for your work and research. Much appreciated! Best regards Nicolas
  7. Thank you very much for the clarification and the additional info! Pfeffer sounds like a very good match. Did he receive a Pr. EK2 or MEZ? Regarding the Tyrol/Red cross ribbon: I just cannot make out any green colour. I tried making a better photo, please have a look. Best regards Nicolas
  8. Hello, I agree with you regarding the Red Cross Honor Cross and a possible medical background. I don't know, what the most likely award would be regarding the last ribbon. I would have guessed, that we can rule out any Republic awards, as this type of ribbon bar construction is very likely post 1938. Best regards Nicolas
  9. Thank you very much for the info, Christian! Any chances the decoration at the end is an öster. Ehrenzeichen für Verdienste um die Republik? Probably unlikely, as the bar is post-1938, I guess. Best regards Nicolas
  10. Very interesting thread, gentlemen! I can contribute this ribbon bar to your discussion. No idea about possible identification? Best regards Nicolas
  11. Thanks for the numbers Daniel! Here is a bar, probably with a medal for zeal. I am guessing Marine. Best regards, Nicolas
  12. Thank you very much! Oberfeldarzt d.R. Dr. August Brun (15.01.1893-Nach 1969) 01.02.1936 Sanitäts-Abteilung 9 31.03.1937 Sanitäts-Abteilung 36 20.03.1941 Kriegs-Lazarett-Abteilung 520 00.00.1943 Kommandeur Sanitätsabteilung Lemberg Coincidentally he is seen on a photograph with Generalleutnant Kurt Beuttel, whom bar I have as well. What a small world!
  13. I have only seen the second and third class on german ribbon bars, but never the first. It seems to be very rare in general. The only bar I can show is this one to an Oberfeldarzt with the second class among other foreign awards.
  14. This would be a Slovak Bravery Medal I.Class in gold.
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