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  1. Exceptional grouping! Do you have a name for these bars? I think I have a pretty similar bar in my collection, which once belonged to the grouping.
  2. Hello, I am interested in the awards of Generalmajor Richard Schacke. If anyone has a list, I would greatly appreciate it. http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/S/SchackeRichard.htm Thank you very much! All the best, Nicolas
  3. I am wondering if the last ribbon is the Italian Order of the Crown or maybe a decoration of the first republic of Austria. Best regards, Nicolas
  4. One of my favorite states to collect: 1st and 2nd bar: Major Robert Strehle 3rd bar: Generalleutnant Kurt Beuttel
  5. Seeheld was referring to the photo, which seems to not be available anymore. It was a SA-Sturmführer wearing a medal bar with EK2, Bavarian Bravery Medal, BMVO4X and a Hindenburg Cross.
  6. You are very right! I have to apologize for my embarassing mistake. I didn't recognize the BsMV.
  7. Dear members, A while ago I purchased a little 4-Placer ribbon bar with awards from Bavaria and Baden. Due to many different possibilities of the ribbons, an exact combination could not be made out. Any opinions regarding this bar are greatly appreciated. Best regards Nicolas
  8. Outstanding collection, Jason. It is always a pleasure to see some of your bars One of my favorites is the little bar to Hugo Geyer. What a neat combination.
  9. Thank you very much, Simi. I was hoping, that it could be ID'ed, as there are award rolls for all awards, except for the HH and the EK. Best regards, Nicolas
  10. Pierce and Jason, Thank you very much for your kind comments. It is much appreciated. Best regards, Nicolas
  11. Hello! Although, I dont really like buttonhole miniatures that much , this combination was just so nice I had to get it. I would love to hear your opinion about this piece! No LS or any jubilee medals on this one. Best regards, Nicolas
  12. Glenn, That is an amazing photo. Thank you so much! The placement of the OK2 on his medal bar is different than on my ribbon bar. Not a problem, I hope? Best regards, Nicolas
  13. Thank you, Daniel. That sounds excellent! Finally one of my first ribbon bars got a name I could find three pictures of Mohr, online: Bild 1: Unter-Roßarzt Emil Mohr beim Ulanen-Regiment Nr. 2 um 1890/91. Bild 2: Als (Unter-?) Roßarzt beim Westf. Husaren-Regiment Nr. 11 in Crefeld um 1892. Bild 3: Als Stabs-Veterinär bei dem oben genannten Husaren-Regiment um 1912. The last photo shows him with his pre-war medal bar with RAO4, KO4, DA and Centenary Medal. Am I correct that General-Oberveterinär is similiar to Oberstleutnant rankwise? Best regards, Nicolas
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