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  1. Hello, I had this piece for years, lying safely, I posted similar here on 5th September 2017, I was told they were somehow connected, possibly to the same person, but being engaged with other things, and having other priorities, I never got a chance to check it, I couldn't even do it if I wanted to without knowing Japanese. Thank you in advance fot any details regarding this piece.
  2. Another question about a maker, which I just found. It deffinitely is not a corrosion, or anything like that. It has 8 letters, on the edge of the neck.
  3. I have been recently taking photos, as Im selling all that I have. I noticed a possible maker mark on this one. BERAN ⚓ exactly as that. As for me its some kind of an ancor. After Googl'ing, it appears that indeed it is a maker mark, but could anyone tell me more about it? /Edit. Found it. Berán Lajos, Budapest. /Edit 2. It is not an ⚓ ancor, these are two . in the middle of the line. Its BERAN.L.
  4. Postcards, and items that real people stand behind are the greatest thing that exist. I started collecting items related to my city, that saw both World War 1, World War 2, and more. Managed to decipher, and translate many of them. One is from Landsturm Bataillon Schlettstadt [in French - Sélestat] which during the war was German, then French, untill World War 2.
  5. I read on the other forum, that you have to look for post war period repros, but how true is that? Does anyone know anything about it? Front usually looks the same on them, but the rear side, has variety of finishes, and I think thats how these patches and in general, are definied as either genuine, or not. They come with stamps, or without. Some are very cheap for couple Euro, but there are ones that are priced for hundrets of Euro, even thousands. I have only 3, and might get more of the common ones, but thats it. I wish I could get the metal ones, in pristine condition.
  6. Would you advise me what to look for when buying them? How can I be sure to get pre 1945, and earlier.
  7. I had both of these, but I sold them. I also had Red Cross medal, and I sold it too. Does anyone have any idea how to date them, how to tell when they were made? I try to collect only awards that are connected to war period [World War 2], or earlier. It made me very unconfortable to own something, that I have completely no idea if it is from the past, or a current, modern one. Red Cross.
  8. Since this is the latest topic about this medal. Both medals are literaly the same, I am yet to get the ones that have different text on them. Left has newer type of a ribbon with a clasp [red], while the right one has older style [pink]. Not only that, but the gold patina [I assume] is so pretty.
  9. Thank you, for all of your input.
  10. Das Mobilisierungskreuz 1912/13. All awarded for the same reason, different types, and ribbons. Left medal has entire gold coating still in tact, and shines lovely, also older type clasp, while the right ones coating is pretty much gone, but with newer clasp. I do encourage everyone to post anything in regard to this medal.
  11. Kriegeringmedaille - for civilians Kriegeringmedaille mi Schwerern - for combatans 3 etuis, though 2 look nearly the same, beside the one of them being covered with a feint color. I am not sure if it did fade over time, or not. Some Österreich ribbons of the same medals have different color, and type. I have 4 medals at the moment, 2 of each kind, while only 1 is pure brass and has no coating on it. You should clearly see which one stands out. Latest photo from the link shows a comparison. I had more. http://imgur.com/a/uj8Kx 13 photos included. I do encourage everyone to post anything in regard to this medal.
  12. The only thing I know about it, is "Good conduct document". That is all. Who, where, when? I am a beginner in Japanese militaria, etc., and not even a single thing comes to my mind. Usually a document like that would mean some kind of reward, benefit, or anything. How did that look like in case of Japan? By the way, if anyone could give me any info about what is written there, such as who, where, when, unit, etc., that would be great.
  13. I happen to have all three ribbon versions of this medal, in three medal versions as well. Ordinary for combatants. With one white stripe in the middle for non combatants. With one black stripe in the middle for the deceased, however that sounds. 1. Smaller with differences at the front, and on the rear side. 2. Smaller, etc. 3. Bigger. Does anyone have any idea, how many versions of the medal were there in total, both smaller and bigger? Ribbons happen to be different as well. I would like to have more, but I can not find them in a satisfying condition .
  14. I have a postcard from my city, from Austro - Hungarian period, written in Polish. On the other side, there is a photo, and I know, that around World War 1, photos of their owners were often turned into postcards. That is one of them, and the only one that I own. I did check internet sources, but I am unable to find out, what exactly is there on this mans collar. That is all I ask for.
  15. Hello, the only thing I know about this signature, is that it comes from a Stalag 391. I found a Stalag 391 to be in Poland, to be in Denmark.
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