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    Interests are wide and varied. However, in the interests of keeping it short, anything that pretains to my family's military history in both WW1 and WW2. As far as that goes I have many family pieces that I will post over time for all to see. On the flip side of that I have many questions regarding various battles and engagements they were involved in.<br /><br /> The German Red Cross 1933-1945. Some of you may recognise my name in Angolia's book on said topic.<br /><br /> Fencing history of all countries and all eras!<br /><br /> The other great interest I have is Japanese sword fittings and armour of the edo period, orphaned items ie:fuchi and menuki are a speciality.<br /><br />I look forward to any and all corrispondence, and will answer all emails.

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  1. Thanks Stuka. Very interesting. I am not a member of WAF.. Can you please tell me if they are still available and how much?
  2. Bayern, Thank you very much for the information. Were these used in the Franco Prussian war only, or did the see ceremonial use later on? Ironically, my mother was born in Wuppertal - but not that long ago! Would you or anyone else recommend cleaning and restoring it? Anybody have a spare shoulder strap......
  3. Yesterday, I happily stumbled upon an imperial breast and backplate. As I know nothing of this armour (except the price seemed super low), I bought it. Can any one in the forum advise me on any information about it: marks, repair/not repair, age, etc...? I believe it to be a Mod 1867 I will post pics later today but for now: It is stamped "A 40 Wilh.Jaeger" to both front and back plates - to the waist area Also stamped with a crown over FW and an S - to the shoulder areas. There is a fairly severe proof mark dead centre of the breastplate as well Possibly more marks to the interior BUT the thing is lined with a canvas/ heavy cotton like material and I would rather not remove it. Hope this helps get the ball rolling. Thanks in advance
  4. I currently work with a fellow who was in this unit. He doesn't talk much about his experiences, but when he does release info it is usually very interesting! I was hoping to find him the 32 batt. cap badge as he destroyed everything before moving to Canada.
  5. Very Nice Helmets indeed. I concur with Mr Wolfe that it is Canadian - the photo in post #4 confirms that the SHELL is canadian. There should also be marks on some of the four "ribs" that form the suspension for the crown pad to the head band. The marks are usually impressed (rather than printed) and are very faint. Most often the name of the manufacturer than a number. Thanks for posting HFJ
  6. Very nice Golden Party badge, Erich! If I may ask, does it have a great story behind it? for example a local find or came from a family member etc...and have you been able to locate the other items that you had mentioned; Blood order, Degen, and ring? It is unfortunate that groupings get split up so often regards Henry
  7. Here is an original for comparison. Bent cross and all, enjoy. Henry
  8. Hello Michael. Thanks for the reply. There is a medal bar in which 3 of the 5 medals are present. Therefore 3 of the confirmed medals he had were: 1.) 1939 - 1945 Star 2.) France and Germany Star 3.) The Defence Medal (Odd in that this was only awarded to Officers) I am guessing the last two to be the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and the War Medal 1939-1945 Amazing how groups can just disintegrate through neglect. Pics are coming after the weekend when I am freed up again. Regards...Henry
  9. Hi Helen. I would also recommend a fellow by the name of Robert (Bob) Docherty. He is an antique arms and armour collector and dealer is Vancouver BC Canada. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Here is his website that you can contact him through. Regards..Henry
  10. Hello all. Sorry, no pics just yet. A neighbor showed me an RCAF WW2 tunic that had Combined Ops patches sewn to the sleeves (Tombstone shape) along with other insignia. It also has a wound stripe affixed. Can anyone here set me straight on what this man might have done in the war? "Combined ops" for the RCAF - Is this unusual ??? Would he have been an admin type or crewman on some aircraft? Please help....photos will follow as soon as I shoot em. N.B. He was not an officer - corporal stripes also sewn to sleeve. Small dufflebag, medals, leather jerkin, and a german flag all belong to the same group, so he must have been over there. Thanks in advance Henry
  11. Great Photo! Unfortunately I don't have a name for him either. The three fencing scars on his left cheek are brilliant! Definitely not war wounds. Perhaps he was a Heidelberg University grad? H
  12. Here you are. Close ups as best as can be. In the photo they really are quite minute. I like that there is one on the 88 as well. regards..Henry
  13. Sure thing, Paul. I am away from home until Saturday, will post it then. Glad you like it. Henry
  14. Better late than never I suppose. Here is an original HG photo. There is no extra information on the pic at all. Sometime between 1940-42. Note the oak leaf emblem on both the Halftracks and 88's. Enjoy Henry
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