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  1. Please see my previous thread .... for whatever reason I am 100% unable to reply to my own thread and update the following info Seems really strange how I can start a new thread, yet cannot reply to my own thread as I have in the past here ?? Engraving / names info for medals 19-38 ( see pic ) and list 19-28 is top row - left to right 29-38 is bottom row - left to right 19. 238056 W.C. JANSE VAN RENSBURG 20. HA8 OZE 115 21. non marked 22. N1 840 A. MADUME 23. 1344. CORPS SURG: G. LOCKE. No 8 DIST: HASTINGS CORPS S. J.A.B. 1918 24. 1930032 L.A.C.P.D. STONE. R.A.F. 25 no marking 26. ( no ribbon ) – 17520 L. Cpl HG PRICKMAN G. GDS: 27 ( ribbon ) – L-31569 DVR A.M. CARRUTHERS. R.F.A. 28. ( scripted engraving too hard to read ) – 3217 ............ ???????? 29. no markings 30. 1135 SWPRJUMMAN 1 PUN J.A.B.R 31. no marking 32. PO 21401 G.H. SIMS CPL R.M. 33. 6688 Pte A. PRODGER. RIFLE BRIGADE 34. AS. 17027 PTE. R. MALENG. A.P.C. 35. NO MARKING 36. NO MARKING 37. 1424685 BMBR. F.A. FREEMAN. R.A. 38. SAMUEL JOHN KEEBLE
  2. For some reason I cannot reply to my own previous thread and update the info there ?? Here is the engrave / name info for medals #1-18 Medal 1 - 696333 GNR. F. WOODS. R.A. Medal 2 - DVR. F.J. PATON. S.A.S.C. Medal 3 - GNR P. SMITH S.A.H.A the above 3 are WW1 Victory medals Medal 4 - TR WHITEHEAD 1st LC this is a Khedive Egypts Star 1882-1891 Medal 5 has no engraving or name Medal 6 - S.J. BULL 4th REGt this is a Crimean War Medal 1854-1856 Medal 7-8-9 have no engravings They are: South African Pro Patria Medal and a UK War medal and a UK Defence medal Medal 10 - 24270620 TPR. R.A. HEATH RTR this is a Northern Ireland General Service medal Medal 11 - 26201 PTE. J.G. GOLDEN 14-CAN. INF. this is a UK British War medal Medal 12 - 3390 PTe H. DICKENSON. L.N. LANC REGt this is a UK Kings South Africa Medal Medal 13 - GEORGE JEFFERY this is a UK Police Special Constabulary Long Service Medal Medal 14 - 3390 PTe H. DICKINSON L.N. LANC REGt this is a UK Queens South Africa 3 clasp medal Medal 15 - 82922 CA WEBB this is an Australian General Service Medal Medal 16 - 192792 H.E. HOWARD this is a South Africa Service Medal Medal 17 - 5120. 2nd. CL. SSGT A. HILLYARD. MED S. CORPS this is an Army long service and good conduct medal medal 18 - 2923431 CPL. F. PRESTON .7 A&S.H. this is a UK Territorial Efficiency Medal 1921-1930 Sorry to start a new thread ( I have no clue why I could not reply to my own thread and add this info ) if a Mod wants to combine them that is OK by me Thank you everyone for your patience ... I will try to get medals #19-38 engrave / name info this week
  3. Are you certain its called a Victorian Order medal ? I am googling that word phrase and searching online and I am not locating any medals that look similar to the one in the pic ??
  4. Greg - here is the reverse side of the Victorian medal I am waiting on help from you or others as to its value.
  5. I am guessing this is the medal ?? Please understand I need specific help to know which exact medal all of you are interested in ( try to use number method 1-38 ) This is medal #36 - Guessing its called a Victorian Order Medal ?? This medal DOES NOT have any engraving on the edges. You can clearly see the front and back in these pics If anyone cares to throw out an approx. value in US dollars for this medal I would appreciate it ( thank you ) Trying to add a pic of the reverse side .... the site is acting up and will post it when I can The group here is medals 19-38 Please use this numbering system as unlike you guys the names of the medal do not help me identify it. Call it #25 with the red stripe ribbon or whatever ( example )
  6. Someone expressed interest in medal #15 - Australian General service medal It is engraved on the edges as such: 82922 C A WEBB pics If anyone can inform me an approx. value ( in US dollars ) of this medal I would appreciate it ! thank you I think this will be a fun thread for the members and myself and it will give an opportunity for me to learn something about them along the way and also some of the members here an opportunity to purchase some medals to add to your collections !!
  7. Yes I picked up a jewelers loupe so I can read the small engraving enscriptions ( names - units etc ) I was not aware that affects the value so much. I appreciate the tips and info The ammo can they were all stored in said: 'British medals' so I just assumed they were all British medals. Yea I am in no hurry to sell as I am still not sure of each medals value. I honestly would not know if one was a $100 medal and another next to it might be $800 ?? I am a new member here and do not want to break any rules about the proper way to sell them here. I will definitely attempt to negotiate a fair buy/sell deal once I know the selling price is fair to both myself and the prospective buyer. And the sale follows the rules of the site here. I am a 100% honest straight shooter. Please try to be more specific showing a pic of which medal ( or a number of 1-38 ) 1st group pic was 1-18 2nd group was 19-38 counting left to right starting at top row I will inspect it for name markings and update here and if the site allows .... you are welcome to submit an offer. As I have no clue about value of the medals ( I am guessing $100-900ea depends on which medal ) Many of the medals ( the round ones ) have engravings on the side edge. is that individual serviceman name and unit markings ? or is that part of the medal ?
  8. last batch of medals for now running into load problems This is a pain in the ass to get pics uploaded ... don't be expecting better pics anytime soon on the site will send via email I don't need to make everyone happy with the pics ... just a few interested buyers Thanks for understanding
  9. Lets call the above numbers 1-18 Top row is # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 bottom row is # 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  10. Will try to get all the pics loaded up today ( have approx. 40-50 medals ) Second set of pics site is not allowing anymore pics to load ? very very frustrating My email is target1961@yahoo.com
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