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  1. Hi Japan X I have to very much disagree with you about the order of the Aftab. I think there are at least a couple of things that authenticate this medal. 1st at the back you can see the pin is very thin and sharp almost like a needle. Very unlike the masculine orders of the sun and lion. These sharp needle like pins are indicative of feminine orders of aftab. Also the rays and the shape of the medal are also very different from orders of sun and lion. The direction of the metal work and the very rounded edges. Its not set with stones but we know that not all orders of aftab were set woth stones. I am not really sure why you would say its not authentic?!
  2. Wow no one has been here a good while. I was very surprised to come across this. Is this really an order of aftab? Never seen an example like this. Looks alot like an order of sun and lion. Anyone seen similar?
  3. Hi Oamotme It actually reads: "fath- ali shah qajar" which is the name of the qajar king
  4. Hi Japanx I have showed both sides of the medal
  5. Hi All Who can help with the text of this? I know the top line aays: the celebrated royal jewellers. Then it says in tehran. I think the last word says Ibrahim. I am not sure whats in the middle? Its a really well made iranian made badge and i think there maybe a gold ring around the central enamel. Havent seen iranian made ones of this quality much. Except one Markus showed looong time ago. The front
  6. Hi all How small do these orders come in? This one is seriously tiny. Looks like it was made for a doll house. It very nicely made though and why so small? Whats the point? Ps. Thanks markus for the reply
  7. Hi Markus I would love to know your take on the images i have posted to the group on the large unusual sun and lion centre circle medal Thanks
  8. yes i agree. it does look newer. or at least the painted gold circle on top is newer. i have never seen anything like it i have to say.
  9. no. none. no marks anywhere. it looks like the russian mades ones. but i am just guessing
  10. hi All I saw this thread. I have come across this medal. anyone has any thoughts on this? its very unusual isnt it? looks kinda fake even in a way.
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