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  2. Thank you. You have been great help! You wouldn't happen to know the ballpark price for this sabre? I found from the internet so far just gilt and/or engraved officer models which are considerably more expensive than this "troopers" model.
  3. Schnitzler & Kirschbaum, from Sollingen seems to be the manuafcturer, so blade is German manufactured? Is it rare that it is?
  4. Thank you for the comment! I heard someone hinting it could be a saxon one as well? I'll check for markings. The sword fits in the scabbard like a fist in the eye. The scabbard even has for those "spikes(?)" vertically with the blade a place (see photo). Edit: It has a mark behind one of these spikes on the root of the blade, S&K.
  5. I believe I have here a 1788 light troopers cavalry sabre. Could anyone shed me some light on this? The handle.
  6. Fascinating to read as always. I have a Militärpass to a man who lost his right eye at Estreés just some weeks later.
  7. Wow, never seen anything to an unit like that before.
  8. Nice to see a CoL 3 -1939 with still so much gold finish on it.
  9. It's an award piece. A very rough estimate would be 1915-1918. This due to that the early Godet's around 1914/early 1915 had cast iron core. The later ones (I estimate)from 1915 onwards had a stamped steel sheet core like yours.
  10. Good to know, didn't know about these. Anyways, the Tirol connection does in my opinion confirm it the the Gebrigs-Artillerie-Abteiling 2 which was a former unit of the Alpenkorps which fought in Tirol.
  11. A friend of mine offered this. What are your opinions of it? I have no idea whatsoever what it could be nor the value. So what is a wise price to pay and what exactly is this sword?
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