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  1. Has anyone come across any badges/insignia of the Gilbert & Ellis Islands Constabulary please? They were a Pacific British protectorate from 1892 and colony from 1916 until 1 January 1976 when they became independent as Tuvalu and Kiribati. There are some documents referenced in the National Library of Australia, but nothing is available online. NW
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied. I've now got more information which has identified the officer. Photo is of Eli White who served 32 years with the Metropolitan Police, 1880 - 1912, mainly at Harrow. The medals are genuine and his, 1887 Jubilee with 1897 clasp, 1902 and 1911 Coronation medals. The photo was taken after he retired and the uniform is a prop from the photographers wardrobe. The helmet badge has been deliberately obliterated.
  3. Thanks for your replies.. I hadn't considered that the badges could have been deliberately blurred. I knew that the Victoria jubilee medals were only issued to the Met and City forces, but the collar number doesn't have a divisional letter. The shoulder badge I had thought was an inverted chevron over an quadrafoil. I don't see it as a crown. No constables wore crowns. It gets more interesting.... The policeman has been "repaired", but still no detail...
  4. I'm trying to identify the police force that the officer in the centre of the photo was a member of. Despite an unusual fluted spike finial on the helmet and what looks like a quartrefoil surmounted by an inverted chevron on the epaulette, I am struggling. The picture is from a damaged postcard c.1915-1918 with a soldier on either side. The cap badge on the right is indistinguishable, but the one on the left looks unusual. Can I ask please if anyone can identify the regiment the soldier on the left was from? It might help to narrow down the area where the police officer was from. Tha
  5. Thank you very much for your help POWCollector. Very impressive from the best photo I could obtain, which was poor at best. The MID is interesting. He has never spoken about it, even to family but there was a suggestion that there was more to his military service than he ever let on. Your help is greatly appreciated...
  6. This is a VERY short notice request, for which I apologise. I have just been asked about a retired police colleague, who will celebrate his 100th Birthday on Monday next week. The force seems to have few details and has asked if I can help with some background. He was the Traffic Division Superintendent when I was a PC on motorway patrol. I have just one photo of him in uniform. The last ribbon, bottom row, right is the Police Long Service medal. The rest are unknown to me. He joined the police after the war in 1947. There is a suggestion he saw service in the 8th Army in N Africa.
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