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  1. I really like them, it's cool that your Dad brought them back, I hope you kept them.....
  2. Thanks for your comments guys. Hermann Goreing had many high ranking and important guests at Carinhall. Hitler, Himmler, Mussolini, Japanese ambassadors and many more, including the former american president Herbert Hoover. I often wonder who may have eaten from this plate? I've added a link to a interesting site, In one of the pictures Hermann is eating with his second wife Emmy in his personal wing of Carinhall, it looks like that the same dinner service is being used. the plate Herman is eating from seems to be similar and there is part of a plate showing in the foreground. the pattern on the edge looks the same? http://www.usmbooks.com/carinhall_story.html
  3. Hi, I know this wont be everyone's cup of tea but i thought that someone might be interested to see my Herman Goreing personal dinner service plate from Carinhall. Its fine quality and says alot about Herman and his hunting lodge.
  4. Thanks for all your positive comments guys. They make complete sense and its great for me to hear your opinions. I feel the iconic greatcoat is sometimes rather unappreciated and although its not got a maker tag in it, it is made very well and is of fine quality. I used some warm water and saddle soap on it recently and its come up very well, the leather has become more supple and its kept its distinctive blue/ grey colour. I was interested to find out that the left cuff only is made to act as a pocket for letters and papers. For convenience you could place them in the cuff with your right hand. Thanks again for your comments.
  5. Thanks for your comment. I believe this set came from the same man and this set was a local vet bring back. Would i be right in thinking that the blue piping on the cap and the officer/ Lieutenant shoulder boards would give the rank of senior officer candidate? maybe a Doctor or a surgeon?
  6. Hi Paul, Thanks for your comment. I believe its a very rare cap. Let me know what you think.
  7. Im Pete, i thought someone might be interested to see my Luftwaffe medical Lieutenants cap and leather Greatcoat.
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