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    I collect original U-boat cap badges, willing to trade (or buy them for fair prices) - vdrlugt@outlook.com).

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  1. Despite the fact that I myself posted it, this badge is probably a faked one, dropped in acid or whatever witch's brew to make it look old. Self-correcting asshole, moi. Et Vous, Es-Tu Normal?
  2. This is obviously a handgefertigt cap badge. I isolated the image from the overseas cap it is attached to. 5th flotilla seems to have been some schizophrenic Flotilla where it concerns its emblems - there's among others known a red seahorse on a green background, which I will try to show tomorrow.
  3. These two pieces were sold as post-war commemorative items indeed - quite the observation, sir. But I disagree with you, however, that original cap badges (etc.) are necessarily without "too much detailing". A lot of original cap badges/plaques etc. carry an amazing degree of detail and craftsmanship in them, sometimes even more than Hogel's book could display (this is how you/one may tell an original from a fake). But no, on the contrary! It was, in general, actually very "un-german" not to pay much attention to meticulous detailing (a lot of well crafted enamel badges were ordered by the Kriegsmarine ) - all in sheer contrast to the American mariners, who are said to have lacked (of were forbidden to stoop to) that kind of vain and childish fetish for decorum. I am not buying Ukranian metal cups with Kriegsmarine stamps on them on Ebay. But this stuff no doubt once belonged to an ex-crew of the U-393. I don't see why anyone would produce this to make a $40 profit. History didn't stop when the last U-boat was scuttled, is all I mean. Btw, you say they are 'highly faked', but I've never run into any other u-393 stuff before that was not somehow a rare object.
  4. Thanks Eric for this picture. Had no idea of its existence but I have 2 somewhat similar pictures - one displaying probably U-2, with, I was told, Rolf Dau (U-5), and perhaps the captain of U-2. Would be nice to learn more about Neustadt U-Schule - not well documented. Could you tell me how a wooden plaque could withstand the water? I reckon that Neustadt was a fresh water basin for training purposes and never trained in salt water, but still, wood and water still do not match in my dumb mind.
  5. Is this plaque "post-war" or "at-war"? I have similar plaques but I have to admit that this one is looking slightly more entertaining than mine. If you ever grow tired of it, you'll know the right buyer.
  6. I Bought this small U-393 group online. I know there was similar stuff of this U-boat for sale recently. Perhaps someone here can relate to that.
  7. How much did you pay for it? Please, first answer this question, before reading below. When I say that it "looks pretty authentic" it will always comes with a reserve for when it comes to non-enameled badges one should always be prepared to realize that one is dealing with fakes. I for one would buy yours for 500 Euro as it is, but an enameled badge (harder to fake and easier to recognize as a fake) I would easily pay 1250,- for. These are the prices you will have to pay for cap badges of ww2 u-boat crews. I only do pay 1250 Euro's for the ones I believe are genuinely real. This is why conning tower pictures are doing so well on E-bay these days: surplus evidence.
  8. Thank you kindly, Bayern, for your suggestion. Your explanation is exactly what I had in mind back then, and that would make it a somewhat sarcastic and ironic clownish badge, with the emphasize on "Buro" inside a U-boot. I mean, having a privileged working space inside a U-boot, right? I have not seen any .23 Flottille article prior, nor after I obtained this object. Thanks for your call.
  9. I have no doubt as to the WW2 authenticity of this 2.5 inch badge, yet I wonder how cap ornaments like this (i.e. without boreholes) were actually worn in daily practice? Also, could someone please fill me in on the true meaning of the abbreviation of "Masch. Büro". My gut instinct tells me that this very device once belonged to a U-boat machinist on board of a submarine belonging to the 23rd flotilla. I've no bloody clue...
  10. Thank you Morten. I was wrongfully assuming that this black and white picture was from your current u-boot collection. I am truly sorry for that huge mistake, my bad, and please do not think less of me. If someone has additional "ubootschule" stuff to display, don't hesitate to upload it. Another thing worth noticing to all people interested in Kriegsmarine U-boot tradition badges: do not ever buy stuff from seller lowe08155 on (German) E-bay. I experienced that this "gentleman" is selling merely reproductions: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Mutzenabzeichen-Turmabzeichen-U-Boote-von-U-370/273746046615?hash=item3fbc892e97:g:uZoAAOSw-JtcfsQ9 https://uboat.net/special/emblems/emblem329.html https://uboat.net/special/emblems/emblem330.htmly Please do post the cap badges and plaques that you think are authentic, so we might all benefit from it in the future. There should be a death penalty on selling fake stuff on internet, or something that resembles it close enough. I'm no lawyer but this bitch should be hung on general principle. This is serious money spoiled.
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