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    I collect original Kriegsmarine U-boot Mützenabzeichen & Crew/Cap Badges.

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  1. How much did you pay for it? Please, first answer this question, before reading below. When I say that it "looks pretty authentic" it will always comes with a reserve for when it comes to non-enameled badges one should always be prepared to realize that one is dealing with fakes. I for one would buy yours for 500 Euro as it is, but an enameled badge (harder to fake and easier to recognize as a fake) I would easily pay 1250,- for. These are the prices you will have to pay for cap badges of ww2 u-boat crews. I only do pay 1250 Euro's for the ones I believe are genuinely real. This is why conning tower pictures are doing so well on E-bay these days: surplus evidence.
  2. Thank you kindly, Bayern, for your suggestion. Your explanation is exactly what I had in mind back then, and that would make it a somewhat sarcastic and ironic clownish badge, with the emphasize on "Buro" inside a U-boot. I mean, having a privileged working space inside a U-boot, right? I have not seen any .23 Flottille article prior, nor after I obtained this object. Thanks for your call.
  3. I have no doubt as to the WW2 authenticity of this 2.5 inch badge, yet I wonder how cap ornaments like this (i.e. without boreholes) were actually worn in daily practice? Also, could someone please fill me in on the true meaning of the abbreviation of "Masch. Büro". My gut instinct tells me that this very device once belonged to a U-boat machinist on board of a submarine belonging to the 23rd flotilla. I've no bloody clue...
  4. Thank you Morten. I was wrongfully assuming that this black and white picture was from your current u-boot collection. I am truly sorry for that huge mistake, my bad, and please do not think less of me. If someone has additional "ubootschule" stuff to display, don't hesitate to upload it. Another thing worth noticing to all people interested in Kriegsmarine U-boot tradition badges: do not ever buy stuff from seller lowe08155 on (German) E-bay. I experienced that this "gentleman" is selling merely reproductions: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Mutzenabzeichen-Turmabzeichen-U-Boote-von-U-370/273746046615?hash=item3fbc892e97:g:uZoAAOSw-JtcfsQ9 https://uboat.net/special/emblems/emblem329.html https://uboat.net/special/emblems/emblem330.htmly Please do post the cap badges and plaques that you think are authentic, so we might all benefit from it in the future. There should be a death penalty on selling fake stuff on internet, or something that resembles it close enough. I'm no lawyer but this bitch should be hung on general principle. This is serious money spoiled.
  5. Lol! Was merely demonstrating that I found the answer to me own question. Could you, if not too much to ask, show yours in color, nesredep?
  6. This mint green thing is an original cap badge to U-172. It seems as if it deviates from the usual portrayal of this emblem. This, however, is a genuine logo, as the "schirmmütze" proves. Contrary to popular believe, the deity blowing that horn isn't Poseidon/Neptune but instead is TRITON. I will pay over $250 for an original picture of u-172... when it rocks my moneymaker.
  7. The true colors to the "Unterseebootschule", first the postwar one: The "orange on blue" arrow is the icon generally associated with U-boat school - and used on its nazi stationary. The lower two plaques are for sale for 2000 euros total so they better have the right color! : )
  8. Much appreciated your honest input there, Justin. I am sure it is plastic, since I truly think it isn't bakelite. I hadn't preciously come across vibrant colors like this used in ww2 pieces so let's just assume its post-war. But why would there be made only one? Who in his right mind would fake this and why would this same piece consequently show up on two websites concerning this topic? If you behold the black and white pictures, it is the same plastic piece. I care about the value that it represents but more so I'm interested in the true colors that it once had on its conning tower. George Hogel sometimes was completely bewildered when it came to these colors and I guess we have quite some left to be filled in.
  9. That U-Schule (unterseebootschule) plaque, could you show it in true color, please?
  10. Found this one a militaria website not long ago, but they were puzzled as to which u-boat(s) it belonged to. I reckon that the upper part of this tradition badge made them overlook the lower part, which actually does appear in Georg Högel's U-Boat Emblems in World War II. In terms of warfare action these boat aren't that appealing, but nonetheless they were u-boots of ww2. It has no provenance going for it at all, I do agree, but my instinct says it's the real McCoy. I would like to know more about it, so please come forward if you have more info on this boat, or any other mentioned above. What do you think? Is this the same whale emblem, albeit shaped somewhat naïve? I for one have no doubt about it, but I am sincerely biased. 🙂Show your KM Cap Badges!
  11. I wonder if the guy with the cap is modelled after the man in the following video: Second 32...you will see the silhouette of the guy. This can hardly be coincidence but maybe it is. Their noses are practically the same. The drawing is from Gastebuch/Guestbook of the 4. U-Flottille. The colored badge is mine.
  12. Recently acquired this commemorative plaque (post-war but seemingly unique), formerly owned by one of the former crew of the U-490 (one of the 10 Milchkuhe/Milk Cow U-boats), now passed away, yet passed on to the German seller indirectly from which I bought it. It is plastic on wood, but it is the same one as shown in the URL's below mentioned I fairly reckon: https://uboot-recherche.de/media/Default/Uploaded/bootsbilder/U490.pdf https://www.google.com/search?q=U-490&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiT_dOAx6_gAhVKYVAKHUYmDkcQ_AUIESgE&biw=1164&bih=496#imgrc=Y7d4H0oSs5LjKM: Georg Högel's U-boat Emblems of World War II 1939-1945 doesn't show any colors so probably these are the true colors, albeit less fluorescent in them days of old. I have noticed around some modern cloth patch of this emblem on Ebay but without the swastika among other things. That is all I could find on it. Would be nice to know if there are people here who can tell me more about this U-boot. Much obliged, IJS
  13. U-584 if you have complementary pictures/paraphernalia regarding this u-boat, please do come forward. Share it with us.
  14. d Is this a real 5. U-Flottille badge? Or perhaps merely aged? The badge itself is copper so I think it is real, but do modern hoaxers shy away from the real?
  15. The original U-223 crew badge cap badge with original color versus the repro one with the brown cup and green/white background. Please post original U-boat/U-boot Flotilla badges. Not only I am curious as to what the originals look like. It is important to keep them real, and tell fakes from real ones. There are too much fake badges/pins on Ebay et al. already.
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