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  1. der hase free Thank you for you help he is mentioned in the first post on this thread hence my questions. thank you again Regards Stephen
  2. Hans Dipple is the man I am researching. I am interested in finding list of his awards i am aware of his IK first and second class wound badge silver WW1 SA sports award believed to be Gold i am interested in when he received his Gold Party badge and its Number and any other later awards regards Stephen
  3. GreyC, Mounted SA from Stuttgart thank you for that. sadly the link will not work. I have had these items for years and Now I now where they have come from, does any one have an image of mounted SA? Thank you again GreyC stephen
  4. i originally posted in wrong section, can any one advise as to Which the unit these are to? If indeed they are SA. backing cloth is clearly dark brown in Day light regards Stephen
  5. some more items from my collection Gauleiter roundel from cap and part buckle, the quality is very nice as you can see from the image. regards Stephen Back of roundel
  6. Brett,Nicolas, thank you for your nice comments Jack was ortiginaly a Londoner who worked on the Fish Markets. his father died during WW1 and Jack was a memorable man on many levels. he worked with my father and was our next door neighbour until I joined up at 18. he was a great storyteller and good friend to our family. He saw me start collecting in my early days and was always interested in any new acquisitions I may have,often finding others who had badges to pass items on to me. From a long our street I was given German WW2 Army belt and buckle,a SS letter so
  7. can any one advise as to the unit these are two backing cloth is clearly dark brown in Day light regards stephen
  8. Dear all Images of items brought back by my old neighbour Jack. As you can see a mixed bag he served with the Military Police he arrived in Normandy D-Day + 12 he was in Arnhem during the clearing up process and was involved taking the surrender and searching POW after the Rhine Crossing he returned to my old Town of Stone Staffs during 1946. The Gorget is a particular favourite of mine, the plaques are interesting souvenirs obviously produced to take back post war and the Kuban Shield is in great condition. i have his Helmet given to me when I was about 5 years old well p
  9. Hi JTW images of items brought back by Jack as you can see a mixed bag The Gorget is a particular favourite of mine, the plaques are interesting souvenirs obviously produced to take back Kuban Shield is in great condition. i have his Helmet given to me when I was about 5 years old well played with,along with the German police cap badge and cockade they were original mint but have sufferd a young collectors hand (mine) i have his records cap and CMP shoulder titlts 30 corp flash and his Records l plus many photos some showing him Searchng German Soldiers at Arnhem (da
  10. JTW do you have Any Other images of this older Patten, do you know the time period produced i have perused the forum Internet and my books heavily this week and not found any thing like this described as a known copy, I have found other CEJ pilot badges with clear casting marks and an inferior look to them in distinct maker marks. Is it the maker mark? it is clearly added afterwards not cast in to the eagle as I would expect on a cast copy. IMO the eagle is German silver note the colouring on the back of the badge typical of a private purchase badge not a issued Patten
  11. JTW Now i had expected the thumbs up on this badge, it appears to be correct by the many book description's I see no signs of it being cast what so ever. The silver wash also apears correct the repair to the hook appears contempery also. but admit I had my doubts on the pin being replaced not the hinge. This Glider badge came from a veterans bring back stash, and was given to me the vet came back from Germany 1946 and served with Military Police from D-day +12 took surrender of prisoners at Arnhem and Rhine crossing. I have numerous items from him mostly Army. r
  12. Well two of my big birds have turned out to be post war fakes let's see if I can make it a hat trick. The hook is missing and has been obviously repaired at some time and possible replacement pin. See attached I am of course hoping otherwise regards Stephen
  13. J T W thank you pall Well it would seem my two Pime birds of my Lufftwaffe collection are indeed Turkey's i will try again later and see if I can get a Hat Trick. Stephen
  14. No answers on this badge it does not sound positive, ah well possible two Eagles. Should be called Sparrows? link to my pilots badge follows Regards to all Stephen
  15. placed my CEJ pilots badge on civil sight last night and have been advised it is post war hear is hopeing this Eagle is indeed born pre 1945 regards Stephen
  16. Tim thank you but obviously very disappointed. when we're these produced as this badge obviously has some considerable age and quality? is it an immediate post war badge Made of original part's from original die or later? i am now concerned about my Air Gunners badge I will post later Stephen
  17. My first posting on this area I have had this badge for some time but after reading on the topic hear I feel I need some advice whether J1 J2 or J3 it appears to be nickel Silver but other than CEJ no other markings . I would like to here your thoughts on this badge before posting other items of insignia and awards sincerely Stephen Other image
  18. This can only be a HR mistake I have come across double medleing in my time due to this. Now then following the Armed forces example they are awarded theirs now at 15 years instead of 22 surely it is now right to change emergency Services Awards to match. Police, HM Prisons,Fire Brigade. Ambulance it is also time to introduce Bars for extra Service I would suggest the same as the TA bars worn at present above. With Rosette on the Ribbon bar. This would show length of service much clearer staff could have 35-40 years service in, stood next to a colleague with just 20 this
  19. And cap badge to go with the above photo a recent pic up for my own collection. regards Stephen
  20. Bret, your man was in Malaya to early I believe it was 57 onwards when the service personnel were entitled to the Pingat Jasa Malaysia. regards Stephen
  21. Oldscrew very nice imperial service medal and jubilee plus the 25 year Service pin badge. I have all my own epaulets put aside also. image added below are my fathers medals Alan he retired as a Principal Officer from Swinfen Hall. The Pingat Jasa Malaysia was added 2007 50 years late after leaveing Malaya. lets hope he will be able to add a National Defense medal soon. regards Stephen
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