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  1. Dear Dimitris There is no need to politicize and enhance xenophobia. This is an honorable forum. Concentrate on content rather than form.
  2. Sorry to say but this order existed only in one class - the silver one is factory defect.
  3. hello everybody! I would like to notify you that a few days ago we saw a couple of military hats of Albania for sale on ebay. Please be aware, those hats are not authentic. they were hats used by New Albania Kinostudio to produce communist films and they are not authentic. Below I am sending links of these items for you to refer http://www.ebay.com/...cvip=true&rt=nc and http://www.ebay.com/...cvip=true&rt=nc best regards albania
  4. It is basicly the same medal. After communism the new democratic government kept the continuation of this order, used the same stock medals by removing the sides and the star in the middle. In many years of collecting I have managed to find two medals Class II and Class III of this order of the communist era. All were changed and stars removed regards elvis
  5. hello! the caps I have from communist period are premounted in the factory. Maybe Artan has additional information regards
  6. During communism Albania was a militarizes country with a large number of active and reserve force. So the stocks number was high and sufficient. Even today we are having trouble dismantling the weapons produced in that period. Stars were wore on the hat by military, not workers. Workers had a different system of insignia, such as badges, patches medals,orders, pins etc
  7. The one in the picture is genuine Albanian communist era officer hat. This model is MOD. 75 When my father rejoined the airforce 1992 he wore this hat without the star and replaced by the eagle I mentioned. As i mentioned right after 1992 it was very chaotic regarding the military insignia. I have available some MOD.75 officer and soldier uniforms and pieces. Soon they will be listed on my store. The star also portrayed at the begging of this thread belongs to MOD.75 uniforms. Other stars have been used prior to this one. Better enamel and made of bronze and even earlier and in WWII war star
  8. The actual change of the system happened in 1992. But at that point we didnt have new uniforms. The star was replaced by the eagle, the rest remained the same. Afterwards we have a period of caos regarding the uniform and people that went abroad mainly in the west adopted some kind of the countries uniforms with Albanian badge and patches. After two or three changes in the uniforms in the last 15 years, now there is a new project to replace all uniforms. Draft has been made and this years will be implemented. So, what can I say? Which hat would you like to see? regards
  9. double headed eagle - generally made of plastic material and gold gilted
  10. hello! nice bar The second row in the middle is the first version of Military Service Order, that later was removed and replaced with Order of Military service 1,2,3 The one I have posted on my website today is displayed on the ribbon and you can see the order itself
  11. Hey Bob! I am glad you got this rare medal indeed. But the suspension looks like it belongs to 3rd order red star. anyhow it is better than nothing like myself for example regards
  12. I have noticed that numbered third class scanderbeg have three different size numbers. I have now the two exemplars in the photos that have different size numbers and both are smaller than the ones portrayed here. Apparently the numbers were stricken not during production but after someone was awarded, connecting once again the numbers to specific receivers of these awards. One more argument to this assumption is the fact that we have found also exemplars of this order by IKOM solid silver unnumbered. http://www.albaniancorner.com
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