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    Luftwaffe 2^ WW items
  1. Hello friends! I found this item some days ago I have never seen one like this. Is it probably for bycicle? Thank you OTIS
  2. Hi Nesredep! Yes, there are year (1940) and KM eagle stamp on patronen. In the box there are 5 white and 5 red patronen By OTIS
  3. Hello friends! Some days ago I found this Zinc case; in the bottom there are KM eagle. I have never seen one like this ..... and you? By OTIS
  4. Hello I have this kind of DREIECKRECHNER + case in my collection By from otis
  5. Hi Nesredep Beautifull item! ! I like Kriegsmarine Technical equipment . I have only an Hipsometer. Have you some information about its? Ciao OTIS
  6. Hi friends I am very sorry that my question on fallschirmjager helmet had raised hot discussion between members ............ I hope that sometimes is better to received an unwanted answer that to deceive ourself! Now I am sure that my only original helmet I'll be probably my first that I found when I was 14 years old in an ancient palace of my aunt............... My helmet isn't Czech, I have seen theirs some years ago but they are generally large size (58 or 60) and more light than mine. In any case I would be grateful to some members that should be able to send a pic of original one. Sorry for my poor english, but as Xavier I have some problem to translate Italian in English language OTIS
  7. Thank you Lothringen + Kev in Deva!! I share Kev opinion about that a sweeping statement such as "IT'S A COPY" may have a getting ripped off with our common interess in militaria......also because Fallschirmj?ger helmets are the one of the most espensive ! I am grateful to Lothring for Pic, but I should have more information about the red arrow because I don't understend what he means and it should be very important for all members that would understand what kind of elements are able to make difference between original and fake fallschirmjager helmets. Thank you very much from OTIS
  8. Hi Rich Thank you for your interest. I enclose a PIC of decal By OTIS
  9. Hi Guys! I bought 10 years ago this hemet, now are coming from east (Cina too ) many fakes para helmets very very similar to the original one and perfect in any parts (inside and outside...........). May I have an expert opinion about mine? I'll be very grateful to you I found on Angolia Luftwaffe book a net like mine. Many thanks from OTIS
  10. Hi Guys! This one of my daggers, please let me know our opinion about it. This is PIC 1 By Otis
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