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  1. hi gents many thanks to all for help.and many thanks arthur for solving the puzzle. best wishes dave.
  2. leigh thanks for reply it looks like this one is not well known.many thanks for trying to find its origin best wishes dave.
  3. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_04_2009/post-2119-1239739637.jpggents this is the patch
  4. dear gents i found this cloth patch/ badge.in a ww2 german map case.a few years ago,the thing is i do not collect british cloth badges and have no idea to its origin.i would very much like to know which regiment /division this badge belongs to? i have posted on other forums and have had no feed back.looking forward to reciving any info best wishes dave.
  5. hi oliver yes i now see my ek1 is a unmarked k&Q, and many thanks for helping me out best wishes david.
  6. hi oliver more photos of ek1 back looks very much like your junker,many thanks for your help dave.
  7. hi gents thank you for your information. i will post photos of the frout of ek 1 soon, many thanks for your time spent helping me, david
  8. thank you oliver for your reply,i also think it is a junker.i am sure other ek1 collectors may say no, all the best to all ek1 collectors, david,
  9. dear gents would very much like some help to know the maker of this unmarked ek1, many thanks for all your help. dave,
  10. hello gents just like mine zinc, and a very nice original well done, best wishes dave,
  11. hello eric hope this may help was given from a ww2 ek1 holder his ww2 ek1,which had a hole drilled in the top arm, he said it was done by himself, simply so he could pin it to a wood beam in his house, so he could look at it i am sure many ww1 and ww2 vets did the same thing, all the best dave.
  12. hello fellow collector. that fj/pilots knife.is very very nice.the wood grips.are in very nice condition.nice one. best wishes. dave,
  13. hello have you had a look at ryton arms web page.he had some very nice examples.the price about ?230.he picked them up from russia.a few years ago.hope this helps. jdw
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