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  1. Any ideas? I'm thinking general service belt for the navy but don't have clue if i'm honest. Also think its pretty modern?
  2. Thank you Simon for your help. It was a nice surprise to see in when I unpacked my parcel wasn’t even aware it was part of Lot
  3. Ahhh brill so would it just be worn by infantry regiments or any regiments in the Army? Is the buckle real? Looks very ornate
  4. Hi I bought some trench art that arrived the other day and this was in the bottom of the box, I'm guessing this is a Buff belt but I've not seen the belt buckle before I think its Queen Victoria Crown but I was wondering which regiments wear this? or it is a standard belt that all regiments can wear. the buckle seems good quality the belt is small I don't know it if this is a genuine item or not.. was surprised to it in the box. so hoping someone could help me
  5. I'm happy to put the other picts up on here, But I spoke with the auction house and they said if I sent them back they would give me a credit note on my account as couldn't give my money back had the vendor had already been paid... So I have sent them back, as wouldn't have got anything back from the auction house.
  6. Hi, This may have been already discussed on here at some point but I was wondering what the numbers and letter before the service number on WW1 medals mean. for example DM2/ then the service number or 6/ then the service number, I haven't seen many medals with number and letter before the service number, I had some WW1 naval medal once which had lettering on but was after the service number and meant what they were in the navy. is this the same thing?
  7. Hi yes both were painted, which was hiding some of the detailing removed the paint, to see what was going of, and yep I believe the are both fake. Bit gutting as bout them a military auction with 3 other badges labelled as 5 ORIGINAL! Badges. If these are not then I’m guessing the others aren’t also No the edges aren’t sharp.
  8. Yes thats what I thought EP stood for, but there is no sign of silver plate which through me a bit therefore I was wondering if EP was a makers mark? interesting view it maybe to commemorate a naval battle and even more interesting could be Jutland that was in 1916 wasn't it? Was France also in that battle? That might be a silly question I'm just trying to work out having both the British and French flag being featured. Or would that be common for this type of token. I've never seen one before its so fascinating and no bigger than a penny.
  9. Hmmm thanks Peter, I looked it up in my reference book and didn't show a gab so i dug around on line some more, yes I'm beginning to think they are both examples rather than original. The only thing is that they both feel very good quality. :\
  10. Hi I have a very small penny size I’m guessing is a medal, (for victory and peace) although I’m not sure. It has helvetica standing with the British and French flags which I think has either been enamelled or painted but has worn. The back is plain with only E.P. It’s got some lovely detailing but I never seen one before like this. I have spend hours searching the internet to try and fined more info out with no luck. I’m stumped any ideas?
  11. From doing some more digging around, I think the Rifle Brigade is an example of a pre 1903 cap badge, which is a little disappointing but I've learnt loads from digging around. The only way I could tell this was an example is on an original there isn't a gap at the top and bottom show here. Although I'm still not sure about the Royal Kings rifles badge. http://www.sellmymilitaria.com/site/index.php?option=com_djclassifieds&view=item&cid=7:cap-badges&id=12183:the-rifle-brigade-cap-badge&Itemid=477
  12. Hi thanks for your views, would you be able to share in what way you think they are wrong? It would be really useful to learn. Both are metal by the way.
  13. yes sure heres the kings rifles one and the rifle brigade one
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