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  1. Feldmarschall Svetozar Boroević Ferdinand I of Bulgaria (born in Vienna)
  2. Not a British soldier but an interesting story: - www.broadsheet.ie/2013/01/22/1916s-greatest-heroine/ Regards, Graham
  3. Thanks Brian, One more to share. Commemorative Medal of the Winter War for foreigners in bronze:
  4. Cross of Liberty (3rd Class) Mourning Cross Winter War medal with Taipale clasp and swords
  5. Some Finnish Winter War awards I have been fortunate enough to pick-up over the last few years. Starting with the: Kainuu Cross Koivisto Cross Kollaa Cross Ladoga Medal Lapland Cross Middle Karelian Isthmus Cross (1st Division) Middle Karelian Isthmus Cross (2nd Division - without the helmet) Muolaa Cross with ribbon Pitkaranta Cross Summa Cross Taipale Cross Tolvajarvi Cross Western Karelia Isthmus Cross Medal of Liberty (1st Class) Medal of Liberty (2nd Class) Cross of Liberty (4th Class)
  6. Stuka, From an old posting by Antonio, hope this helps: - Antonio Prieto Full Member Silver Membership 636 posts Location:Spain Report post #3 Posted May 8, 2014 Insignias for the called "Hispano-Belgian Association". The Association was created on June 1, 1962, and its statutes were published in " Bijlagen BS" ( Annexes official bulletin) of June 17, 1965 . It had its head office in the rue Joseph II / Jozef II straat 72 / Brussel 4 Its president in 1965 was M. Lebon The aim was to promote the Belgian- Hispanic relations and support partnerships that have aimed to strengthen the friendship between the two peoples. To do this: - He organized trips to Spain - Its board would contact the Department of Tourism , the Ministry of Culture and Education, favoring relations with meritorious members of the association . - Daba scholarships ( by the board ) to meritorious students and members Rewards, decorations and medals of the association: The board of directors has the right to reward meritorious members and people outside the association also meritorious . Mr. Lebon , was nominated for " Great Rewards Canciler " The rewards are : - Loans or gifts of books or other educational materials about Belgium or Spain - Certificates and diplomas of recognition for services - Private Medal , named " Croix du Mérite Belgian- hispanique " (" Ordre du Mérite Belgo - Hispanique " according VAN BOSBEKE , 1988 and Born, 2002) There were three kinds of crosses: knight , officer and commander ( by statute ) Or six according VAN BOSBEKE , 1988) - Palmas bronze - Silver Palms - Golden Palms - Cross Knight - Cross official - Cross of Commander Or seven according Borne, 2002) - The latest and high official The insignia is a cross with eight points , with beads on the ends and rampant lions between the arms . They are said Belgian heraldic lions. Lions look to center . In the center is an oval medallion. It is suspended from a royal crown attached to the upper arm The medallion shows a shaped edge on the center line and the coat of arms of the Catholic Monarchs in black enamel on the bottom of the same metal as the cross. The belt carries the Belgian colors and Spanish The manufacturer is De Greef , Brussels The qualifications awarded by this association are not official as indicated in a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dd.27/05/1982 ( VAN BOSBEKE 1988 , p.96 . ) According BOSBEKE VAN (1988 , p.97 . ) These rewards are sold. The color scheme of the center of the red - black - red ribbon, has similarity to that of Spanish Falange VAN BOSBEKE understood that Franco had character. This award does not have approval from the Belgian crown. Bibliography : ANONYMOUS ( 1905 ) Bijlagen dd Moniteur Belge . 17 june 1965. Borne, A. , C. (2002 ) Letter Belgian- hispanique trying Association ( ASBL ) dd . 20/08/2002 VAN BOSBEKE , A. et al (1988 ) , Chevaliers du siècle Vingtième . Enquête sur les sociétés et les occultes contemporains Ordres of Chivalry . p.252 , Berchem . EPO Regards, Graham
  7. Chris, This might help: - http://antique-photos.com/en/awardsdatabase/foreign-awards/republic-of-austria/537-provincial-commemorative-medal-1914-1918.html Regards, Graham
  8. Hello Richard, A nice set of Belgium awards, worth keeping IMO. Top grouping from left to right: - 1. Fire Cross 2. Centenary of National Independence Commemorative Medal 1830–1930 3. Victory Medal 4. Civic Decoration for service in the administration 5. Commemorative Medal of the Reign of King Leopold II 1865–1909 6. Liège Medal 7. Commemorative Medal of the Reign of King Albert I 1909–1934 8. 1914-1918 Commemorative War Medal Bottom grouping from left to right: - 9. Military Knight of the Order of Leopold 10. Knight of the Order of Leopold II 11. Silver Palms of the Order of the Crown 12. Knight of the Order of the Crown missing the medal 13. Military Decoration 14. National Federation of Combatants Cross 1st Class 15. Yser Cross 16. Croix de guerre(War Cross) from WW1 with bronze palm leaf(mentioned in despatches at Army level) Hope this helps. Graham
  9. Peter, Great to see such history preserved. Very interesting and well-presented collection. Well worth the time to look through it all. Regards, Graham
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