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  1. Hello everybody! I've just been shown something very interesting, so I would appreciate your opinion. The lot consists of the following: The Honorary Member of the State Security (KGB) Badge, The Meritorious Worker of MVD Badge, the table Medal for the 50th anniversary of KGB and the Badge for the 60th anniversary of KGB. Now, I know the last two items are not rare, but the first two are a bit harder to find. Could anyone please tell me whether these items could be considered originals or not? Thanks in advance! Marko
  2. Yes, I'm happy to report I finally got it! I'll be happy to put some new photos of it soon. :-)
  3. Hello Igor! Thank you very much for your information! I was delighted to hear about history of the cavallier, St. Lt. M. V. Koduchenko, especially since I've learnt that he was one of the "vanyka vzvodny"-s! And that he served from June 22nd 1941 til May 9th 1945! I have bought the Order and will post photos soon! :-)
  4. Wow! Thank you very much for the information! More than 70 years after that photo was taken... I shall post the new photos of the order as soon as possible. :-)
  5. Gentlemen, you have my gratitude for your thorough commitment regarding this order. I honestly appreciate it! Well, if I got the final word right, this award could be freely be considered original?
  6. Hello Egorka, Thank you very much for your kind answer. Yes, photos are rather suspicious and I think I shall let it go. :-)
  7. Could anyone else, please, share his/her opinion with me regarding this order? :-)
  8. Thank you very much, Paul. I wasn't sure about leaves on the right wing of the star. Marko
  9. Hello everybody! I would much appreciate it if I could get some help. I've been approached by a seller who offered me the Order of Alexander Nevsky. He kindly provided me with photos of it, which are displayed here. I have some doubts regarding the email and Alexander Nevsky's profile, but, since I am no expert, I could really use some help regarding this topic. Could anyone please give me some advice? Thank you very much in advance.
  10. Hello everybody, Yesterday I was shown this soviet Partisan medal 2nd class. I was told it is a genuine medal, but I'm afraid I have some doubts about it, although I do not consider myself expert in this field. The lower part of the averse side of the medal doesn't seem quite right (as if the mould for the medal wasn't good or it was not shaped properly). Could anyone please give me some advice referring to its authenticity? Thank you very much in advance. :-)
  11. No problem at all. I am supposed to meet the seller in a couple of weeks from now and I shall post new photos as soon as I obtain it.
  12. Thank you very much for your kind response. If I manage to obtain edge photographs, I'll post them.
  13. Good morning to everyone! I am a new member on this site and I would appreciate some help. My interest is generally directed to the soviet decorations (mainly medals). Not long ago I've been approached by a seller, who offered me the Jubilee Medal "XX Years of the RKKA". I've been searching for this medal for a long time, and have never seen one, except for the pictures on the Internet. The price is 500 euros, which I find unusually low. He was kind enough to send me the photos attached, so I would appreciate it very much if anyone would be so kind to give me some advice. T
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