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  1. Dear Friends, Is this a label that was used by the RAF during WW II?
  2. Hello Friends, Is this an Original Russien medal ? Why and to whom were they given ? Thanks
  3. maybe french https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Boucle-ceinturon-troupe-modele-1862-Genie-Militaire-Second-Empire/162947301944?hash=item25f06a8238:g:YqwAAOSwslRaqmjN http://www.histoire-collection.com/catalog_3.html
  4. Hello, Not Belgian, they had a sword and an ax on their buckles regards
  5. Hello, I'm looking to buy the book Royal Service part 1 Who can help me ? Thanks Guy
  6. Sorry Herman, misunderstanding I have heard that there is a book that contains the receivers of the Victoria medal. Does anyone have this book / books
  7. Hello Hereman, Does that medal have degrees? Because the rosette on the medal, strongly suggests that it is an officer grade of a medal. I also think that this uniform is to old for an korea medal
  8. Herman, can you given me a link tot this medal of your option ? Normally no ribbons of non-official medals may be worn on military uniforms in Belgium. But it is also the case that sometimes there is a case of sins.
  9. Herman, Thanks, it could be. But personally, I do not believe in this option.
  10. Thanks Jan, It will take me some time to check the names and to find and see theirs files but sure I will do it.
  11. I am not negative about the Whito Lion. But the whole is a strange combination to my own part. Here a clear view of the other ribbons On the crown order it is clear that the rosette is gone. For example, I do not see a militait cross A medal of war volunteer 14-18 this is strengthened by the crown on the ribbon of the commemorative medal. The beret for the commemorative medal I foresee that it corresponds to the injury mark on the sleeve. (would normally be a red cross) What also stands out, he has 2 x 4 loops on the ubniform for 2 breast stars. I am proud that
  12. Thanks Jan The officer's name is a problem. I would like to find out the name on the basis of the ribbons. I only know that the Belgian officer of the cavalry is and that this medal has been received between 1914 and 1940. If you have a list of Belgian officers who have received this medal, you can always email me. On this basis I can trace the officer's other medals and other information that the uniform tells me. This would be a good step in the direction of the name
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