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  1. I think this is not a Belgian Medal
  2. Hello Friends, Is this an Original Russien medal ? Why and to whom were they given ? Thanks
  3. maybe french https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Boucle-ceinturon-troupe-modele-1862-Genie-Militaire-Second-Empire/162947301944?hash=item25f06a8238:g:YqwAAOSwslRaqmjN http://www.histoire-collection.com/catalog_3.html
  4. Hello, Not Belgian, they had a sword and an ax on their buckles regards
  5. Hello, I'm looking to buy the book Royal Service part 1 Who can help me ? Thanks Guy
  6. Sorry Herman, misunderstanding I have heard that there is a book that contains the receivers of the Victoria medal. Does anyone have this book / books
  7. Hello Hereman, Does that medal have degrees? Because the rosette on the medal, strongly suggests that it is an officer grade of a medal. I also think that this uniform is to old for an korea medal
  8. Herman, can you given me a link tot this medal of your option ? Normally no ribbons of non-official medals may be worn on military uniforms in Belgium. But it is also the case that sometimes there is a case of sins.
  9. Herman, Thanks, it could be. But personally, I do not believe in this option.
  10. Thanks Jan, It will take me some time to check the names and to find and see theirs files but sure I will do it.
  11. I am not negative about the Whito Lion. But the whole is a strange combination to my own part. Here a clear view of the other ribbons On the crown order it is clear that the rosette is gone. For example, I do not see a militait cross A medal of war volunteer 14-18 this is strengthened by the crown on the ribbon of the commemorative medal. The beret for the commemorative medal I foresee that it corresponds to the injury mark on the sleeve. (would normally be a red cross) What also stands out, he has 2 x 4 loops on the ubniform for 2 breast stars. I am proud that this officer did not put all the ribbons on his uniform. In addition, the uniform has 7 frontstrips. My suspicion that this is before 1940 i. No ribbons from 1940-1945. The cut of the uniform and the pants are also typical 1930s Blue dress It has the grad of Lieutenant Colonel der Gidsen All this in conjunction with the 2 foreign symbols of honor must give a good guideline to find the name. I am aware that this is a lot of work to check a whole bunch of canidates on their files.
  12. Thanks Jan The officer's name is a problem. I would like to find out the name on the basis of the ribbons. I only know that the Belgian officer of the cavalry is and that this medal has been received between 1914 and 1940. If you have a list of Belgian officers who have received this medal, you can always email me. On this basis I can trace the officer's other medals and other information that the uniform tells me. This would be a good step in the direction of the name
  13. Thanks my friends But is there no difference in width in the white part between the White Lion and the ribbon on the uniform?
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