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  1. If anyone ever wonders why more than one or two examples are welcome in a collection, you just need to see the wonderful variety like this.
  2. It was remarked that one of my DÖAV looks like its pollen tooling was played with so the Abzeichen would not have the initials on it. Examples far right, top/bottom.
  3. I ended up stumbling into this one. The price was right so I grabbed it. I'm curious why makinson wood sign this particular award?
  4. Love it! Have seen a few examples like that. Often the material looks like something that would be used to make a canvas beach chair. When this is fully packed, the bright colors should barely be visible.
  5. I checked with a friend of mine who owns a cap made by a man named Lou Brown. That is the man I suspected made this copy. Here is a picture of the design he stitched into the lining for my friend.
  6. Very nice. The Brotbeutel is marked B.D. III, which was the Bekleidungsdepot for the Bavarian III Armee Korps. Sunce most had Bekleidungsamt, this is unique just to one Bavarian supply chain. The 301 is a code for a Hersteller, but nobody has found the master list.
  7. Not at all. There is something wonderful everywhere in Germany. We've all gotta love the unique variations by anyone willing to veer off the usual path. Anything to keep us guessing, scratching our heads, and gathering to throw in our ideas.
  8. I usually do not get overly excited by officer items, but these have me over the moon right now. I collect the regiment, so the find of Schulterstücke for an Oberst in k.b. 10. Inf.-Rgt. König Ludwig, Ingolstadt is top! With some research I am -almost- confident they belonged to long standing commander Hans Mieg (later Ritter von Mieg). Mieg and his wife were killed in the Würzberg bombing in March 1945. He was 80. I would imagine if these were his that they were elsewhere at the time of his death. They came out of a dwindling Bavarian collection that has been slowly sold from for 20 years. No other info is known. I also seek other photos of von Mieg. The only one I can locate is in the unit history. Any help sleuthing would be appreciated! Vielen Dank.
  9. I am pretty sure I know who made this, but I suspect someone replaced the lining and perhaps even added the Schirm as improvements to the repro cap. The Mützenverdeckbande itself is surely a copy. I know people who have made them as well--all for reenacting. I like that expression that it has been "sexied up" with the Winter label--something rescued used to embellish, or is it, too, something fake? The stitching around the edge of the lining looks synthetic, and has not discolored the way you see with the lining.
  10. Saxydog8, are you looking for a chart that shows the variations in how Prym made something specific, like the snaps on a Feldflasche, and if that changed from the 1800's thru WWII? I know someone reproduces these snaps, but Prym ceased making them in the 50's or 60's I believe, with that quatrefoil design. If you have an example you are trying to verify, maybe showing it here would be more sensible, and get you an answer more readily than a database.
  11. Fantastisch! One of the things I hope I can own one day. Here are some photo examples with the cloth straps--some are photos in my collection, and 2-3 are internet finds. Take note--the top two have one style strap, while the other four men have a strap with what is likely leather reinforcement.
  12. I'm sure buying a Schirm from a hat maker was as possible as having the best custom headdress, or thier cheapest model. It's great that he decided he could do the trick with such wide span from stitch to stitch! Love the private purchase cockades. Bayern is 27 or 25mm?
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