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  1. Edeltraud must've been hitting the flask of Schnapps to keep up with the other ladies at the Bekleidungsamt.
  2. Yes, Bernd can help you with getting it right. The button colour should be dependent on the colour called for by the regiment--Garde units would likely have silver, Infanterie, gold. Pionier, silver, usw. When people are looking for uniform assistance, I always like to know which regiment/unit is being depicted.
  3. Fantastic. I have a few photos with the Wadenstrümpfe, so it is really cool to see a surviving pair.
  4. Yes, this one. Seems to be the one from your list that I am missing. LIR seems to have a very interesting history https://portal.dnb.de/bookviewer/view/1031485147#page/0/mode/2up
  5. One of my favorite topics, and I can't thank Andy enough for his research, sending me down the rabbit hole with this. I missed out on the 215th Infantry Division tinnie, but these two came from the same konvolut. Unfortunately my source link for LIR 15 seems a little defective, bringing me to that of the 13th. I can't seem to retrace the links to fix it.
  6. If anyone ever wonders why more than one or two examples are welcome in a collection, you just need to see the wonderful variety like this.
  7. It was remarked that one of my DÖAV looks like its pollen tooling was played with so the Abzeichen would not have the initials on it. Examples far right, top/bottom.
  8. I ended up stumbling into this one. The price was right so I grabbed it. I'm curious why makinson wood sign this particular award?
  9. Love it! Have seen a few examples like that. Often the material looks like something that would be used to make a canvas beach chair. When this is fully packed, the bright colors should barely be visible.
  10. I checked with a friend of mine who owns a cap made by a man named Lou Brown. That is the man I suspected made this copy. Here is a picture of the design he stitched into the lining for my friend.
  11. Very nice. The Brotbeutel is marked B.D. III, which was the Bekleidungsdepot for the Bavarian III Armee Korps. Sunce most had Bekleidungsamt, this is unique just to one Bavarian supply chain. The 301 is a code for a Hersteller, but nobody has found the master list.
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