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  1. That was my first reaction, too--tho odd they did not just remove them. One from my collection.
  2. Yes. Anyone who wears silver buttons would have a silver (nickel) belt buckle. Same for Prussia as well.
  3. By chance do you still have the top (Bavarian) cockade, which I gather you did remove from the cap?
  4. Chip, you said the "in between sizes" were almost entirely a Saxon quirk, if I am not mistaken? But Saxons also tended to use a greenish lining, correct?
  5. What was the verdict on this--I seem to recall you mentioning this recently, Chip?
  6. I've had a number over the last 35 years. "Pectoral Crucifix," and very popular in the 1980's and 1990's with the New York City Gothic scene (gruftis)
  7. Great stuff--been using yours as a guide. I think I did well with the plain one in steel. Actually two came together with a konvolut of buttons:
  8. I swiped this image online a couple of years ag. Will post a pic of one I have when I get sunlight to assist the photography. Also on topic... Fingerhut! This sold over $130 USD This is one I managed to find rather cheap. Dates 1914+1915+1916:
  9. Here are the badges I managed for Edelweiss. The plain one is steel with brass, and 4cm at widest points. The two DOAV are not magnetic.
  10. For me it left me eating as usual, but I flipped it in a trade for something else that would have had me on peanut butter sandwiches for a month. Here is what I have currently. The three at the bottom are post-WWI Verein (one for kb 10.IR, which is the primary regiment I collect). I recently bought the 22 Schuetzen. Div because of the Bavarian button design, and see they were in the same Korps, but I was uncertain past that if any Bavarians would have been wearing it.
  11. Turkish. A fluke find cheaper than most German or Bulgarian. I traded it off for something better. I'm shooting pics of the updated Kappenabzeichen, since I now have K.B. 10. Inf. Div. at last.
  12. Recently snagged these photos of a Bratpfanne, marked Bing 17. Apologies if the collector is on here, but I have to document all the Bing stuff possibly related to the wartime contracts. While an Essgeschirr in good shape still avoids my collection, here are some of my Bing items. Two canteens are enamel, and the other it painted steel. One of each Trinkbecher--aluminum, tinned steel, and enamel. And yes, I ended up with the small Bratpfanne Hoss posted above.
  13. Great to see this one in use. I am avidly following research by "The Prussian" and compiling my own collection.
  14. I have observed: Nickel on brass (or Tombak--but do not seem to see the Tombak except rarely) Nickel completely for Leib, Pionier, usw. Steel with the medallion applied like on the earlier style. These are more commonly painted black instead of Feldgrau. Steel stamped from one piece, painted Black or Feldgrau. I also see many more Bavarian buckles painted Feldgrau over the Nickel/Brass.
  15. Looks like the red has faded past pink--you can see some traces it was a Württemberg cord.
  16. Most of my boys. The cross is the only piece out of place, with no better home in my cases. Like Chris and Chip, I am always seeking variants.
  17. This was so reasonably priced even with postage I took a crack at it. A very well worn Bavarian Leib Major. This weighs a goodly amount for its size. I like to think it was on the overcoat of an officer who was active near the lines.
  18. Could be a heavy Gesso, which is the type of coating used on smoothing out wood and canvas for dolls and artowrk. Looks like it was found and done up decades after the war based on the damage and inside.
  19. My Bavarian children. I keep turning them up in black; there are three here--a fourth resides with a friend. My feldgrau one is likely repainted in recent years, though I got it out of a collection in Germany. One brass and one steel came out of the US, the rest all came to me from overseas. Note the varied construction styles and the period repair to the one with the tab. Omitted mention of the blue souvenir tin in the above photo--it is a full sized Bavarian device mounted to a Gem Razor, UK, shaving set.
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