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  1. both fine IMO. shame about that enamel chip to the 3rd class .In the silver you can clearly see where it got a big dink.. regards Pete
  2. Hello .I wasn't sure where to say a big hello. So HELLO. Ime Pete I recognise a couple of names here (hi guys) .I am very heavy into the DRK and Social welfare awards 1922-45 also DRK insignia and bits and bobs .Also a few Eagle orders here and there.........Hope to be of help and hope to learn lots as well. My best regards Pete
  3. hello . they both look fine to me .The 3rd class is by Godet well at least eagle and the medal looks good as well ,always good to see the rear of the medals as there are good front fakes with sloppy rears . Cannot as yet tell you the maker of this one but that is only a matter of time. Best regards Pete
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