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  1. That serial number is too low to be a MkVI, as they started around the 150,000 number and ran through to approx. 450,000. Is it a .38 or .455 cal?. The .455 Large frame Webley is the only Mk VI that I know of. If it's a military gun ( which almost all were), then it will have the date on the left side of the frame. It could be an Enfield copy, but would say on the right side of the frame. If you see /l\ Broard Arrows, then it's military. A date should be on the left side of the barrel, which shows the acceptance date into the military. It would be a two digit tuber, i.e.: '15 Best guess: 1/ you have a digit missing from the number you listed, or it's not the correct serial number, 2/ that serial number in the .455 Service Revolver range would make it a MkI, 3/ It's a Mk VI .38 and has an 'A' or 'B' above the serial number, which would make it post war, 4/ It's a Mk III .38 Hope this helps, Colin
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