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  1. After receiving very useful help from this forum on this topic, I forgot to report back with my findings. A key resource was Encyclopedia of British Provincial and German Army units 1775-1783' (Katcher) referred to by jf42. My ancestor was German and I thought that he might have transferred into the 57th regiment of foot from a Hessian unit, but that seemed a little unlikely for the British army to do right at the end of the war. Then I came across a section on the "Scheither recruits" in Katcher. So here is the info that I found: In the autumn of 1775, the British government con
  2. The date of the muster roll is 11th October 1784 and the note next to his name says "Inlisted 25th August 1783". I forgot to include the following excerpt from the Woollright book (page 90): "[Major General Campbell] arrived at Annapolis on 16th of July [1784], and saw the six companies of the 57th under Captain Thompson. Only 11 officers and 200 of other ranks were present under arms, as many as thirteen officers (including the lieutenant-colonel and the major) being absent, and the men were in their old clothing. The total strength of non-commissioned officers and men (including th
  3. Thank you, jf42. The information that you provided is very helpful. One of the universities local to me has a copy of the Katcher book, so I will examine it soon. i know that the 57th Regiment of Foot was on New York Island on 31 July 1783 because a muster roll was signed at that location on that date. Most muster rolls that I have searched for that regiment cover six-month periods from 25 Dec to 24 Jun and 25 Jun to 24 Dec. But the period around the evacuation of New York was probably not business as usual. The next muster roll after the 31 July 1783 one was signed at Annapolis Roya
  4. I am researching my family history and I have reached a dead end for an ancestor who was a private in the 57th Regiment of Foot from 1783 to 1786. I found the muster rolls that show he enlisted in the 57th on Aug. 25, 1783. That was about a week before the formal end of the American Revolutionary War with the signing of the Treaty of Paris on Sept. 3, 1783. He enlisted while the regiment was on New York Island (modern day Manhattan Island) and he went with the regiment to Nova Scotia in October 1783. Many regiments reduced their ranks at that time (the 57th eliminated 2 of 10 companies
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