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  1. Next piece of Cuban Order of Solidaritat in original etue.Sorry ,but the decree is absent.It was bestowed on Czechoslovak Minister of Trade.If somebody is interested it is in disposition.
  2. Micke and Sampo, thanks.I have found next photos.Are there versions of the medal?Look at the suspension.
  3. Many thanks for your help.It means it is a new medal for services in peaceful services-missions of UN.
  4. Please,identify this medal.I was looking for among Danisch,Norwegian and Swedish medals but I have not been successful.
  5. I took from this basket only 2 awards for me:Order of Friendship of Nations and the Badge Honorable Consructor of Planes.To show at least 15-20 awards it is necessary to create a new topic.But only you and me are interested in my topics. He was also the honorable chairman of FC Sparta Praha.
  6. The Manager of the big factory in Czechoslovakia.Sometimes I will create the topic about him.
  7. I am sure this medal absents in the division,so I decided to show it.It was awarded to a foreigner,not to a Bulgarian citizen.
  8. Do you mean a Russian Ambassador L.I.Fedotov?His signature is in the certificate.And of course a stamp of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.
  9. I know it is not an award,but the badges are nice so I decided to show this complet.
  10. Exemplary Worker of Ministery Education and Culture of Books The Best Worker of Clothing Idustry in Slovakia
  11. A Booklet to the Medal For Victory over Germany-František Štulajter
  12. I noticed there is no topic concerning this jubilee medal.So I decided to show one bestowed on Slovak antifascist.With a certificate.
  13. Help,please identify this Romanian badge.Thanks a lot.
  14. Here laureate of the order Hungarian Ferenc Shpon also signed his booklet in Russian.Notice the same Decree from 28.10.1967.The photo is from internet.
  15. https://sk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slovenská_republika_(1939_–_1945) I am sorry,I do not know the details.But also my father,born 1921 was sent to fight against the Soviet Union. Slovakia was the satellite of Nazi Germany so the Slovak Army fought against the USSR.
  16. Born in 1922,sent to fight against the Soviet Union.Capture -1943.Entry to Czechoslovak Corps in the USSR.The member of the 2nd Paratroops. https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/2._československá_paradesantní_brigáda_v_SSSR Action,fights in Dukla,Slovak National Uprising. After war as a officer in Raily troops. the highest rank -major. Some more certificates to his awards. I am glad you like reading and seeing my posts.
  17. Order on Slovak internationalist who took part in the Civic War in Russia in 1918.By Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 28.10.1967-50th Jubilee of October Revolution.Booklet with some damages on name Vincent Tóth.a booklet to the order and the document to the Medal 100 Birth of Lenin.I do not why the both documents are so dameged.Vincent Tóth,born 1896,captured in Russia,became the soldier of Red Army. I do not know who and why put the Soviet order on the ribbon of Czechoslovak order of Red Star,number 3002. Destroyed certificate with the medal-1
  18. Order of the White Double Cross https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_White_Double_Cross
  19. Bestowed on Colonel Pavol Shvieny in 1975,he finished the Commanders courses at Voroshilovs Academy.13x8cm.
  20. The last bargain.The order bestowed on Romanian general with a decree,number 234. 240000 Romanian soldiers took part in lthe iberation of Czechoslovakia from Nazi Germany in 1944-1945.They were the part of 40th and 53rd Soviet Army.12000 were killed during the fights,more 65000 were wounded and lost. The order bestowed on Ján Hanulík has been sold.
  21. Excuse me,I realised it was Oestereichischer Skiverband.
  22. Identify this badge,please.Many thanks for your answer.I hope Germany 30th.The badge is in Silver-marks.
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