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  1. Collegues,many thanks for answers. Please ,identify this badge.Sport,army?
  2. https://www.emedals.com/asia/china-republic/medal-for-the-north-china-liberation-1950-w0749 I have already found out,sorry for disturbing.
  3. Please,help,identify this medal,Collect Russia is absent of it.Many thanks.
  4. A Slovak soldier who flet to Belorussian partisans in 1943.Of course,the Medal to Partisan of GPW belonged to him was only one.Some ribbons of Czechoslovak medals were changed into red. The badge Partisan of the USSR and Chechoslovakia.I have never had the certificate to it,thats why I am not able to show it.
  5. The medal awarded to a Slovak partisan Mario Derdulj
  6. Hi,another medal 40 years of the Victory for the doctor the participant of the SNU.
  7. Torpedo Gunner has been sold to Russia,2 Aviators still available-30euro for both. Also badges of Military Academies for 80euro.
  8. Sampo and JapanX thanks for explanation.
  9. 2x Exemplary of Aviation and Torpedo Gunner for 200euro. Failings:the mother screw is absent by the Torpedo Gunner,One of the Aviation is under the repair.
  10. Please,identify this Korean medal.Many thanks.
  11. Thanks,but all silver medals have a mark of silver in the earing.I was at the goldsmiths to check the silver on the stone.It is the silver,but no mark in the earing.
  12. Johan,once more thanks for your help.It is interesting also sport awards were made in Sweden from silver.
  13. Please,help with the identification of this silver medal.Thanks,Swedish collegues.
  14. These badges are also for sale.Price together for all 120euro.Exemplary of Avaiation -the screw is sticked with the glue.
  15. I am working on bargain of this order,but I cannot get the information about the price.The resources like Collect Russia and eMedals do not have any sales of this.I hope somebody will say me an approximate price.?Thanks in advance for the answer.
  16. All recourses are helpful.Thank you for the website.
  17. In one Russian forum I was told the medal is a FAKE.
  18. Material,silver.Probably,ok.Probably,no.
  19. Hello,collegues!Also Umalatova Medals?Are they looked for?
  20. Please,is this badge original?Thanks for answers.
  21. Collegues,many thanks for your explanations.
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