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  1. Here is a new addition, an Austrian KuK Kriegsmarine uniform from a man who served on the SMS Ezrh. Franz Ferdinand, the cap from and unknown sailor of the SMS Babenberg,
  2. I also agree with Mark Graf, he was in fact in the Reitende Tiroler Landesschutzen which was re-titled the Reitende Tiroler Kaiserschutzen later in the war.
  3. Yes, the trousers are not part of the grouping. You are right, he served in the I Esk. of the Reit. Tirol Kaiserschutzen. The title was changed due to exceptional bravery in action. The man who wore this survived the war and returned home to his farm.
  4. Here is a uniform I saved from an attic cleaning in Upper Austria in 1972. It was worn by a man in the Kaisersschuten and the cap shown here was in the pocket of the tunic, although is is the later cap. The trousers and belt are not original to the grouping although the pouches and water bottle are. Here is a late war uniform, the back pack is post war Czech and has been removed since the photo was taken.
  5. Here is my contribution to this thread. I only recently purchased this cap and am waiting for its delivery, It is dated 1915. Best Gus
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