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  1. Numbers which are to the right of the hammer and sickle is 816 (maybe silver content) and below 9.ARS.
  2. Hello guys! So I have this estonian stickpin. Most of the estonian stickpins of this type that I have seen has been pre war patriotic pieces. But this is an enigma to me, it has the estonian coat fo arms but to its reverse hallmarks and a HAMMER and SICKLE. Which IMHO is a bit contradictory. Does anyone have more info of this type of stickpin?
  3. Hi guys! Can anyone ID this medal? Probably Ottoman empire?? Turkish? Any input appriciated.
  4. Hello guys! Can anyone tell me more about rhese turkish badges?
  5. Hello guys! Can anyone give me more info about this medal? Probably Latvian. Has the text Darbaviri strada neruna and 1940 . Any help appriciated.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys 😃 appriciated
  7. Hi guys! Not my field of collecting. I don´t know if this poor one is a real cap badge or a crap badge? Cany anyone shed some light on this issue? My research indicated that it might be a cap badge, or at least want to resemble one 😃
  8. Thanks for the help guys! 😃 highly appriciated
  9. Hi Guys! I don´t know anyhting about imperial russian order, medals or badges. I would like to ask you guys some things. Is this an original cross? What time period is it from, pre or post 1900? Can you somehow find out who the recpient was with help of the number? 86327
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