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  1. On 29/03/2014 at 12:26, nesredep said:




    Full-size of the photo.





    Regards Morten.

    Vizeadmiral Leopold Siemens second from the left.

    On 06/04/2018 at 18:14, nesredep said:
    Hello everyone!
    Here is a Narvik inwear image I bought a long time ago. Image is taken in Norway and you see higher KM Officers.
    Hope that more people will continue to keep this thread going.
    Cheers, Morten.


    First from the left: Vizeadmiral Leopold Siemens

    In the middle (with beard): Kapitän zur See Hans Rose, recipient of the Pour le Mérite!

  2. I want to start this thread to help anyone with identifying Kriegsmarine Admirals from photos.

    If you need help with unknown Admirals please post them here.

    I am starting this thread in hope that members of the forum will share with us their photos of Kriegsmarine Admirals.

    You can also post any photos of Kriegsmarine Admirals you have, that show already identified Admirals.

    I also have a number of photos with unknown Admirals I need help with (I will be posting them here), so if you have any idea who they might be please share your thoughts.

    Thank you

  3. Merry Christmas everyone.

    Colonel General Vilim (Vilko) Begić, last A-H rank was k.u.k. Oberst, Intendant officer.

    The only photo of him that shows his awards is this one.

    I apologise for the poor quality and the fact that he is standing sideways. But this is the best I could find.

    I don't know if anyone can recognize any A-H awards from his medal bar? If not, perhaps someone could find them in a Rangliste?

    Regarding the breast stars:

    1 ???

    2 ???

    3 Grand Cross of the Romanian Order of the Crown ???

    I think there is one more breast star to the left of number 2? Not visible though.


    Untitled - Copy.png

  4. On 15/12/2018 at 13:04, paul wood said:

    As a star only it should be 2nd class. However if he has omitted the sash badge it would be Grand Cordon the stats are identical in both classes.

    Going stir crazy in St Thomas' hospitai.



    I think the sash would be worn only on ceremonial occasions. This photo seems like an ordinary studio portrait. The Grand Cross would make sense since it says on the wiki: "Major Generals, Lieutenant Generals, Generals, Vice-Admirals and Admirals: Grand Cross."

    If it was the 2nd Class (i.e. Grand Officer) I pressume he would also wear the badge of the Order on a necklet, but he clearly doesn't.

  5. 17 minutes ago, Christian1962 said:

    Maybe you would have a look at yourself, here is the link:


    Help yourself….






    I know about that page. But I was only able to find Slavko Kvaternik, not the rest.

    I don't have much experience with k.u.k. books and Rangliste. So I don't know where to search exactly.


  6. Thank you guys for all the help!

    Does anyone have any info about the A-H awards of the following Croatian officers:

    Ante Matasić (k.u.k. Generalmajor)

    Fedor Dragojlov (k.u.k. Oberstleutnant, Staff officer)

    Milan Mizler (k.u.k. Oberst, not sure about this one)

    Slavko Kvaternik (staff officer, adjutant to Feldmarschall Borojević)

    Vilim Begić (k.u.k. Oberst, Intendant officer)


  7. 1 hour ago, Christian1962 said:

    #3: Grand officer cross of italian Maurizio e Lazzaro

    and here his austrian decorations:



    Thank you Christian. Where did you find his Austrian decorations?

    Do you own that book or did you find it on the internet?

    I know about this site: https://hungaricana.hu/en/ with digitalised k.u.k. Rangliste and other books.

    From which one is this exempt for Perčević?


  8. Thank you very much tifes for you help. Greatly appreciated!

    To sum up Laxa, these are the awards I put on my list for him:

    -Knight's Cross of the Austrian Military Order of Maria Theresa (awarded on 10 December 1921)
    -Military Merit Cross 2nd Class with War Decoration and Swords (Austria-Hungary) (1916)
    -Order of the Iron Crown 2nd Class with War Decoration and Swords (Austria-Hungary) (1917)
    -Knight's Cross of the Austrian Imperial Order of Leopold with War Decoration and Swords (1915)
    -Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with War Decoration and Swords (Austria-Hungary)
    -Military Merit Cross 3rd Class (peace version) (Austria-Hungary) (1909)
    -Order of the Iron Crown 3rd Class (Austria-Hungary) (1913)
    -Honour Cross 1st Class for Services to the Red Cross (Austria-Hungary)
    -Bronze Military Merit Medal (Signum Laudis) with Swords on the Ribbon of the Military Merit Cross (Austria-Hungary)
    -Bronze Military Merit Medal (Signum Laudis) on the Red Ribbon (peace version) (Austria-Hungary)
    -Military Long Service Decoration for Officers for 25 years (Austria-Hungary)
    -War Service Medal 1873 (Kriegsmedaille) (Austria-Hungary)
    -Commemorative Medal 1898 on the Ribbon for Military (Austria-Hungary)
    -Commemorative Cross 1908 on the Ribbon for Military (Austria-Hungary)
    -Balkan Mobilisation Cross 1912-1913 (Austria-Hungary)
    -Gallipoli Star (Ottoman War Medal)
    -Grand Cross of the Romanian Order of the Crown
    -Grand Officer's Cross of the Bulgarian Order of Military Merit
    -Croatian Military Order of the Iron Trefoil 2nd Class (20 February 1942)
    -Grand Cross of the Croatian Order of the Crown of King Zvonimir with Star and Swords (18 August 1942)

    Is everything correct (the A-H awards listed I mean)?

    The dates for the awards are from some Croatian sources.

    You said above "Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with WD (no swords)". But I think those are swords on the ribbons of both the Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with WD and Bronze Military Merit Medal (Signum Laudis)? See photo below (this is another darker photo).

    Does the list where Laxa's awards were listed you posted earlier, show Štancer's (also spelt Stanzer or Stancer) awards?



  9. 1 hour ago, tifes said:

     - Order of the Iron Crown 3rd Class with War Decoration and a Swords

    - Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with War Decoration (and probably with Swords, those can´t be seen)

    - Military Merit Cross 3rd Class (peace version)

    - Bronze Military Merit Medal (“Signum Laudis”) on the ribbon of Military Merit Cross (war version also probably with swords)

    - Bronze Military Merit Medal (“Signum Laudis”) on the red ribbon (peace version)

    - Military Long Service Decoration for Officers for 25 years

    - last medal - unrecognizable, maybe some (Hungarian???) commemorative medal

    Thank you tifes. So is Laxa's Bronze Military Merit Medal also on the ribbon of the Military Merit Cross?

    And could you post a photo of the Military Long Service Decoration for Officers for 25 years?


  10. Here is the close up of the medal bar:

    - Order of the Iron Crown 3rd Class with War Decoration and are those Swords on the ribbon ???

    - Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with War Decoration

    - Military Merit Cross 3rd Class (peace version)

    - Bronze Military Merit Medal (“Signum Laudis”) ??? (crown device below the ribbon, on the ring)

    - Silver Military Merit Medal (“Signum Laudis”) ??? (or could it be another Bronze one?) (also crown device)

    - Balkan Mobilisation Cross 1912-1913 ???


  11. 49 minutes ago, 922F said:

    Generally, a bow at the Bulgarian sash juncture would suggest a Grand Cross, lack of a bow = 1st class--I cannot distinguish what's there.  If the painter accurately portrayed the sash, dimensions & stripe widths = lst class.

    A-H awards on bar = Iron Crown, Merit Cross/Verdienstkreuz with and another without KD, & rest too much for my eyes. 

    But 1st Class of the  Bulgarian Military Merit Order is the Grand Cross? Do you then think it's the Grand Officer?

    Only the 1st class (Grand Cross) wears the sash: "I grade, Grand Cross. Awarded to senior state officers and military personnel. It was worn with a sash over the shoulder."


  12. 1 hour ago, 922F said:

    #2  Bulgarian Military Merit First Class or GC star [lack of painting detail makes determination difficult - looks to be first class based on sash appearance], without war decoration

    #3 A-H Franz Josef Order officer

    #4  Looks like Croat shield surrounded by "U" [Ustasha symbol] surmounted by an eagle?   Some sort of  air force or staff badge?  Must check a reference book.  Except for "U" somewhat similar to A-H Devil's Division badge.

    At 2nd button hole, maybe a so-called Croatian Commemorative Badge, 1942-3, signifying service in the Croatian Army for over 1 year including six months or more at the front.


    #2 See the photo below for the bottom of the sash from the painting. Seems to be the Grand Cross of the Bulgarian Military Merit Order.

    #4 Štancer commanded the 25th Royal Croatian Home Guard Regiment during WW1. That regiment was part of the 42nd Home Guard Infantry Division (Devil's Division). So it is quite possible this award is as you say, the A-H Devil's Division Badge. But on the painting it looks a little different (perhaps the painters fault).

    Any idea about the medal bar awards?



  13. General Slavko Štancer. Portrait.

    1 Croatian Order of the Crown of King Zvonimir 1st Class with Star and Swords (Around the neck and breast star)

    2 ???

    3 ???

    4 ??? (also a Croatian award)

    Medal bar (the medals are mounted very tight so I didn't numerate them), 6 or 7 medals?

    - Order of the Iron Crown 3rd Class with War Decoration ???

    - Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with War Decoration ???

    - Military Merit Cross 3rd Class (peace version) ???

    - ???

    - ???

    - ???

    Perhaps one more medal after the cross-shaped one?



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