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  1. I am needing some help on how to find infomation on bombing missions over Germany during WWII during the month of March 1945 in the Jena Leipzig area with a record of losses during the mission. I had seen this informaiton some where before but can not find it know. I am specifically looking for a plane that was shot down in the area of Auerstadt, Germany and if any of the crew are listed as MIA. Any information would be helpful.
  2. My camo uniform is actually the first East German camo pattern from the 50's used by the KVP. I have two different shades of the same pattern. One of my tops is designed as the Russian WWII style with the large hood and face veil. Here is another photo. This early style of camo is very hard to find but does turn up on ebay.de from time to time, do a search for KVP . It is expensive stuff though. A friend got this top a market in Frankfurt for an extemely nice price. It has a larfe hole in the side at the neck. It is covered in this photo.
  3. I was in both Gulf Wars. The first one I got a few things but not much to find. The second war I was there from 2003 to 2004. I would have to say that I did export almost every camoflauge uniform I found. The ARmy's policy was very vague about equipment other than weapons and bayonets on this it was very specific NONE. Bayonets later could be brought back but you had to have proof that you purchased it and it had to be turned into the HQ for shipment back. Other than that it was "TO THE VICTOR GOES THE SPOILS". I now think most of the stuff that was still laying around has been cleaned up and desposed of. Here is a couple photos of some of the large things I brought back.
  4. I am looking for information on the following to German soldiers. Both soldiers were named BERND KLUTH. One was the father Bernd Kluth I and the son was Bernd Kluth II. The father was a Knight's Cross holder 1940. I have some information on him, only the unit he was in when awarded the Knight's Cross. He must have survived the war because I find no information on the grave search web site. The son Oberfeldwebel Bernd or Bernhard Kluth was killed in the east on 22 March 1942 at Aleksjewka . I have a photo album from the son and in it has photos of both father and son together and the father has the Knight's Cross on. But he does not look old enough in the photos to be the son's father more like a brother. I sent an email to the WASt requesting information on the son. I received a letter back only stating the information I had on him ie death date and location. They would not give anymore information because I was not a family member even though the person had been dead for 60 + years. What I am looking for is a postcard photo of the father if some one has one or the father's history.
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