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    A very nice pre WW1 Coldstream Guard's Senior Officer's dress visor cap complete with it's matching japanned metal transit tin. The cap bears the original London hat makers paper label (Edward Smith 139 Ebury Street Eaton Sq. London S.W.) inside naming it to L/Col Sterling Coldstream Guards with a May 1903 date) - it's matching original japanned metal hat tin is also maker marked with a metal insignia on it to Edward Smith and named in stenciled white paint J.T. Sterling Coldstream Guards. Dark blue almost black colour cap is very nice soft high quality fabric (doe skin??) with a brown silk type lining embossed with makers label. The leather visor peak is still tight to the body with nice age to it but no heavy crazing - the officer rank gilt silk thread trim has nice patina - the Officer's rank cap badge is very nice with silver finish and red enamel intact and undamaged. Both original Coldstream Guards officer's brass side buttons are present as is the original thin leather chinstrap. The cap comes with a photo copy of a memorial write up and some material on Col Sterling. Some info on this great decorated soldier full name John Trelawny Sterling: - he was an Aide-De-Camp to the Governor of Hong Kong in 1892 - 1897 as confirmed in the Month Army List of 1892 and the Dominions Office and Colonial list. - he served in the Boer War and while a Captain in the 1st Battalion was wounded at . Magersfontein on 11 December 1899. At the end of the war holding the rank of Major with a Brevet Rank of Lieut/Col was awarded the Queens South Africa medal with following Clasps: Belmont Modder River Driefontein Johannesburg Belfast AND Kings South Africa Medal with two clasps - On October 14, 1903 with the Brevet Rank of Lieut/Col was appointed to be Deputy Assistant Quarter-Master General Home District. Upon reorganization he was appointed Lieut/Col of the General Staff a position he held at the time of his sudden death in 1905 at the age of 39. A very nice original Coldstream Guards Edwardian era item with some of it's very distinguished owner's service information! Please note shipping by Canada Post to the UK has high overseas shipping rates (airmail postage for tracked and insured shippingto the UK is 125. UK or $160. US Dollars) but I will get the best rate I can. I will ship to the US - Canada and the UK but please remember Customs clearance at your end is your responsibility with duty fees payable on your end - I will declare it at full value as a 100 year antique. Because of high banking fees charged to me payment would require that payment be by Paypal.


  2. Thanks for this great information on PC Bell which is very much appreciated. I never realized that the Met used this type of Attestation Documents for their newly engaged police members. Very interesting to see the question regarding membership in any illegal secret society!
  3. Thanks Simon for the information - I checked the information contained on the site and it sure made for some very interesting reading! Much appreciated.. Bruce
  4. Wow Dave that was the quickest bit of information that I have ever received! Thanks so much for this extremely helpfull information which you took the time to locate for me. The warrant number and his first name I really thought would be near impossible to locate with this common surname on such a large Force. Thanks Again Dave .. Bruce
  5. Hello Everyone! I am a retired Canadian Police Officer and a British Victorian Militaria and British/Canadian Police antique memorabilia collector . I was recently fortunate enough to purchase a very nice Metropolitan Police 1897 - 1902 - 1911 Coronation Medal Trio on original ribbons named to PC W. Bell D Division for my British Police collection which will be most proudly displayed. I am a complete novice when it comes to do any medal research and was wondering if any forum members could give me some guidance on researching PC Bell's police service in the Met? Thinking without a
  6. Thanks Gents for the information. Very interesting to see another example I wonder where this example is located (UK)? Thanks for finding it after doing so much leg work Simon as I came up with nothing at all in locating anything similar. With the heavy casualties in 1916 it is sure strange to not find others examples which may have been bought during or after the War. I wonder if it might have been more significant for purchase by the NOK of soldiers who were killed in 1916? Can't find any sort of maker information on the scroll - unlike the Canadian ones I have seen which seemed to
  7. Thanks Simon for the very interesting information you provided - very much appreciated.. What has me stumped and is different is that every example of a Canadian family/private purchase memorial scroll I have had or seen - always seemed to be infused with a heavy use of Canadian patriotic images ie. a Canadian flag crossed against the Union Jack - a Canadian beaver - caribou or some sort of distinct "Canadian content". Canadians in those days while very patriotic and loyal to the Crown were also extremely proud Canadians -and everything marketed for sale of a patriotic nature always
  8. Have any members ever seen one of these Lord Kitchener Memorial Scrolls before? It's the one I have seen and since owning it I have never been able to find out any information on it - I've always been curious to know more about it? It is period framed and is 14.5" x 10" in size and with a scroll reading: "In Memory of Lord Kitchener of Khartoum Soldier Statesman and Administrator" . On the bottom there is a blank area and written in old ink is the added wording and name of a soldier: "Also Of Jack Bernard" and underneath it reads: "Who answered the call of Lord Kitchener For His King
  9. Thanks for checking Simon: I looked more closely at the National Archives documents I found on one photocopied page of poor quality and very hard to (of course!) document with entries on his character and ships he served on etc. - but on the last line an entry which reads: " ??? for medal 13th March 18?8." Too bad it is so illegible but I wonder if it might be 1888 as the requirement for the medal was at least 18 years of unblemished service and as he enlisted in 1868 it would fit but that is only a guess as it is impossible to sort out what the entry is. Bruce
  10. Thanks Simon for really pointing me in the right direction as the National Archives did have some good information on William Drover. He had a stellar record of service in the Royal Navy enlisting in 1868 and attaining the rank of C.P..O before going to pension in 1889. He served on a number of ships of the line: HMS Revenge - Victor Emanuel - Thalia - Hornet - Alexandra - Duke of Wellington and HMS EXCELLENT a number of times in his career. Wish I was better at the Navy terms in the archives but I think that I have been able to decipher most of what was recorded. I couldn'
  11. Thank you Peter and Simon for the information much appreciated and I have a direction to go in regarding research. Of course there are a few William Driver's in the National Archives with dates of birth that would fit and the records are referenced according by serial number. With the naming of the medal only having the name and appointed title of C.M. Top but no serial number I wonder how I can match my William Driver to the 3 possible ones. Might anyone know if there is a ships roster of H.M.S. Excellent that provide William Drover's serial number for research? Thanks again
  12. I am hoping members may help me find out any information on a Victorian Royal Navy Good Conduct Long Service medal named to a sailor on the H.M.S. Excellent. It is properly impressed named: Wm. DROVER 2nd C.M. Top H.M.S. Excellent I believe that this position refers to the 2nd Captain of the Main Mizzen Top? My questions are: - What would be the best way to research Wm Drover (I'd be most interest in researching him) - I don't know have his actual rank or serial nos. Were the Victorian era medals of this type named in this manner without rank or nos. and is this a com
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