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  1. I have made a short film about my ggrandfather's life. It includes information that should be of interest to those interested in the strike. Free screening in Liverpool later this month
  2. Thanks Dave, yes as you say the index cards look to be the only surviving way of telling the name of those who were dismissed. I'm asking the archivist nicely if she can start making a list but it is a massive job as the cards (from all years) are merged together in one massive lot apparently I'll let you know if anything happens. Watch committee minutes are a good idea. Are those at the Liverpool Library?
  3. Hi, new to this site, I've asked in Liverpool and they haven't got a list. Big shame that the Kew list doesn't cover them! the percentage of men sacked there was very high. be interested to hear from anyone who has police strike stories particularly in Merseyside and saying what happened to the men afterwards. I've looked into that a bit. plus one to "The Night the Police Went on Strike" some good info in there. Lots of misinformation was circulated which makes it very hard to follow the story with any accuracy.
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