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  1. Thanks! I didn’t realize this thread had life. The Baltic Cross is not marked but it is a two part constructed piece.
  2. A nice pair from me! Both are the non-combatant version and I think this is the first time I have seen the first cross mounted as a non-combatant.
  3. Where was this for sale at? I bought it from a small US dealer. Did it have the ribbon bar with it? Thanks for a second name. This has turned out to be very interesting.
  4. Daniel, How did you find this so fast? I have spent hours and nothing? I must be missing a key piece of research material or I just need more experience. Thanks for the help and all of the comments. This is not a typical bar for my collection as I usually buy Imperial only bars but this one really caught my attention.
  5. I picked this bar up about six months ago and I had hoped to find a name to go with it. I know it’s pretty thin but I tried and even bought an extra Rank List to see if it helped. No luck! I am thinking this gentleman was a Zahlmeister in the 8th Infantry Division but I can’t find him. The Saxon medal is gilted silver. Any ideas on where to look?
  6. From my research it could be for an action or I believe 15 years of service. The FAM is actually gold on this bar. I believe more as a fashion statement as I have seen this on other Saxon bars.
  7. Thanks for the information. I’ll keep it in my case as a neat variation. I’m glad I bought it!
  8. Wow! Many thanks for that. Is this from a Rank List? It makes the bar very special to me when it has a name. Thanks to all!
  9. I mainly collect Imperial German items but admire many of the Austrian pieces. I recently was able to purchase out of part of an old collection and found this medal bar. It seems to me that Austrian medal bars are a bit of a mine field so I generally do not even look at them. I had originally dismissed buying this bar but took a second look. My collecting mentor collects Austrian as well as Imperial German and taught me that the backs of Austrian medals can hold some nice surprises. I also found the circled A on the bottom of the silver medal in the second position.
  10. I was invited to look at part of an old collection and see if there were any items I might be interested in. There were about 60 items on the table. On my initial pass I saw this cross as a fake. Enamel in all of the belt buckle, bronze base metal showing, one sided swords and no markings. As we chatted I took a second look and noticed the L is on top of the enamel not in it. It also looks like the lion on the back was separately applied. When I saw this I decided it should come home with me for further investigation. I am now wondering if this isn’t an extremely early production piece. Any thoughts? Are there others here that have similar examples?
  11. I brought this into my collection recently. It seems they had a bit of a hard life as all of the pieces show considerable wear. I just could not pass on the chain!
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