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  1. That covers awards and is very helpful. Now a follow up question- how could one get long service awards from two different states? I have noticed a couple bars like this and was always suspicious of them!
  2. 392 awards of this cross. Roman- great bar. I visited your page when I first brought this home. Great resource for collectors!
  3. Here is a simple little bar I picked up at OMSA this past summer. Sometimes I see a bar like this and it just speaks to me. Should I flip the first medal? I know it is technically backwards.
  4. To all my fellow colleagues here I would like to show the happily reunited set of medal and ribbon bar that was recently discussed. Many thanks to those that posted and a very special thank you to Daniel and Colin for making this possible.
  5. Thanks! I didn’t realize this thread had life. The Baltic Cross is not marked but it is a two part constructed piece.
  6. A nice pair from me! Both are the non-combatant version and I think this is the first time I have seen the first cross mounted as a non-combatant.
  7. Where was this for sale at? I bought it from a small US dealer. Did it have the ribbon bar with it? Thanks for a second name. This has turned out to be very interesting.
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