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  1. I’m particularly interested in cased awards. My dream collection would be “ One on a medal bar, one in a box.”
  2. But look at the box! It has the number 1 on it. I have only seen a very few boxes for MVK1X crosses. It’s worth more than the cross.
  3. I recently bought this set. The cross is nice but definitely post WW1. It is not a variant that I own so I am happy to add it to the collection. But... like a little kid, I just wanted to play with the box!
  4. I was rearranging some of my collection and regrouping newer purchases with old parts of the collection and thought that I would update this old thread. I have added a cross like Rudi shows in his post. They seem to be different versions of the same award. My mounted one does not have the crown so I am wondering if it is a post 1918 version where the other would be pre 1918.
  5. I have added it to my Freikorps case. I know you are a collector of variants of different awards and I like to do the same. Oddly this is my only one on a ribbon. Thanks for the confirmation!
  6. Here is a cross that is in my collection. Definitely two piece construction and it seems fairly standard from the front. The odd thing is the marking on the back - 830S. The internet tells me this is a Norwegian silver marking. With so many companies making these in Germany I can’t imagine that Norway had to make some too. Is this a known variant of does it go in my box of shame? Thanks in advance!
  7. Great to see your armband. I have seen three different ones. Mine, ones like yours with the typical ribbon colors of the Wurttemburg Civil verdienstorden and one with the colors of the Wurttemburg crown orders. As mine is one the tri color band would it be one of the last ones made? Is yours numbered? Thanks!
  8. Nice old timer there! Love the mini clasps.
  9. I have a couple Jugendwehr items in my collection and I am looking for more information about them. From what I gather they were a more military oriented “Boy Scouts”. They seem to be the predecessor of the HJ. I believe that these items are Weimar period and this is the reason I posted them here. I found a similar armband in the Freikorps Insignia book. Are there any good articles out there about them, any advanced collectors of these items? the armband it heavy and well constructed with three closing snaps. It is numbered inside by stamping behind the shield. If you have additional item
  10. You have to take the long term approach to collecting. I’m not sure why I looked again but I am glad I did!
  11. I’ve never really understood the awarding of these crosses. It seems like it was a general merit medal that could be given to just about anyone. I only have silver in my collection and thay are to old timer Prussians. This is a very nice bar. I do not even see many 20 landwehr crosses pop up for sale.
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