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  1. From my research it could be for an action or I believe 15 years of service. The FAM is actually gold on this bar. I believe more as a fashion statement as I have seen this on other Saxon bars.
  2. Thanks for the information. I’ll keep it in my case as a neat variation. I’m glad I bought it!
  3. Wow! Many thanks for that. Is this from a Rank List? It makes the bar very special to me when it has a name. Thanks to all!
  4. I mainly collect Imperial German items but admire many of the Austrian pieces. I recently was able to purchase out of part of an old collection and found this medal bar. It seems to me that Austrian medal bars are a bit of a mine field so I generally do not even look at them. I had originally dismissed buying this bar but took a second look. My collecting mentor collects Austrian as well as Imperial German and taught me that the backs of Austrian medals can hold some nice surprises. I also found the circled A on the bottom of the silver medal in the second position.
  5. I was invited to look at part of an old collection and see if there were any items I might be interested in. There were about 60 items on the table. On my initial pass I saw this cross as a fake. Enamel in all of the belt buckle, bronze base metal showing, one sided swords and no markings. As we chatted I took a second look and noticed the L is on top of the enamel not in it. It also looks like the lion on the back was separately applied. When I saw this I decided it should come home with me for further investigation. I am now wondering if this isn’t an extremely early production piece. Any thoughts? Are there others here that have similar examples?
  6. I brought this into my collection recently. It seems they had a bit of a hard life as all of the pieces show considerable wear. I just could not pass on the chain!
  7. Claudio! It does look Swedish. I had limited my search to the countries that were represented on the bar. This one is a mystery to me. Too bad if it is a second bar of a set.
  8. Here is a bar that I really have taken a liking to. I think it is the purest Red Cross bar I have seen. Japan, Spain and Portugal are a nice touch! Anyone recognize the mounting style? I wonder if the last two were given in relation to the Spanish civil war? Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Amazing what pops up when you dig deep and get lucky! I’ve noticed a couple items posted by you that show you know exactly how hard you have to look to find these treasures.
  10. It took me a few years to catch up but I finally got a specimen for my little collection. Wish Rick was here!
  11. Look at the guy in the center. Is #5 on the bar a Hindenburg Cross?
  12. I’ve looked at that bar a couple of times. The Saxon medal could be issued without the swords. The long service medal or lack of a higher one bothers me. The price is too steep for me also.
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