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  1. What a fantastic piece! I’m surprised there is no Century medal but this may be a style choice in only having “ the good stuff on a bar”. I hope a name can be found.
  2. Here are my loose 25 year crosses. The smooth arm with the turned small ring and split ring are very early. The cross center bottom is stamped Hossauer on the rim of the body between the 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock arms.
  3. Thank you sir! It has the oak leaf and acorn motif of so many Freikorps pieces but then again it’s a German thing.
  4. This looks like a Freikorp collar tab piece except most I have seen are gold and this is silver. The back has that rainbow toning and it is not magnetic. I think it is silver. It is in a grouping from Württemberg and there are no Freikorps items present. Could this just be something you could sew to your shooting cap? I checked my sources and did not find a match.
  5. Experts looked at these long ago. It’s posts like yours that remind me of why I don’t bother sharing items from my collection much anymore. What I wouldn’t give for the old GMIC!
  6. Without any devices I guess I’ll never be sure. I went with EK2 as this type of bar seems to be a later style but it could be a remounted group to look sharp at the Bier Garden.
  7. This is a ribbon bar now but can easily be reloaded. There are no wreaths or swords on the second and third positions but based on the order I’m guessing I need two knights crosses to restore this bar. The EK and Colonial medal are easy but if I need enamel I may just leave this as a ribbon bar. Is there a less expensive combination that would satisfy this bar? The knights crosses both have those odd “neck order” type suspensions so they would be a pain on this bar anyhow.
  8. Thank you very much for the list! I can’t see any of those names in that handwriting. What’s your best guess?
  9. Not yours? That means there are two of these out there and they would be to the same person. Rare chance to put items back together.
  10. It very well could be. The order of precedence is not what I would expect so a red ribbon could even be something Austrian as he has a couple “southern” awards.
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