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  1. It’s fun to go back and look through the old threads once in a while!
  2. Does anyone here own this bar or know where it is? Please contact me.
  3. This is a nice format and i enjoy the added information. There was a version of this done once but not as focused.
  4. Just send the photos to Andreas/Medalnet. Chances are he already knows the cross.
  5. Beautiful high quality bar! I wonder if Godet did “Bavarian” wrap bars or only this typical type? His bar would look odd in a parade with a bunch of other Bavarians. I’m glad you added another fine piece to your collection!
  6. Those look like the type of circles you see on many of the original u-boat badges. I wonder if they share a common maker?
  7. I bought a pile of items today and the grouping is definitely centered on the battle of Rorke’s Drift. My years of collecting tell me this is most likely a bag of reproduction insignia. I am pretty far out of my knowledge on these pieces but it was a can’t lose price even if it’s all fake. I know better photos will be needed but I’m just wondering if there is anything here that looks to be period.
  8. Her is the MVK photo from the auction. The description. There does not seem to be a ribbon loop in the photo so that detail matches. Was it ever fashion in Bavaria to have medals guilted? I can’t tell you how many gold FAM’s I have from or have seen from Saxony and I’m sure they are all awarded as bronzes.
  9. This is my 25 year total. I do have one in a box and a couple others in groupings.
  10. Nice one! I’ll pull mine out later and look closer but I would have bought yours. I’m not a huge Wound Badge guy but these are just special!
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