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  1. PS Wilson was awarded his 1887 medal as a PC on C Division. You appear to have a complete set: 69947 PC Henry Waters. joined 29/12/1884 - S Division (Hampstead) 1887 - Y Division (Highgate) 1897 - Y Division 1902 - Y Division Left on pension 02/01/1911. 1911 - Rejoined with a temporary Warrant Number 3699 for the 1911 Coronation.
  2. Good evening. I followed this on the auction site and carried out some research. The recipient is: 69188 William Wilson. Joined 21041884. Retired 26041909 as a PS on Y Division. Rejoined 13061911 for the 1911 Coronation with the temporary warrant number 2788. He had a full entitlement to all three medals. Sadly, the seller appears to have sold all three medals separately, to three different buyers in the mistaken belief that they would be worth more! They went for £77, £36 and £31. Regards. Danny
  3. Hello. A great photograph. Do we know in which station yard it was taken? I'm a PS in modern day X Division. Kilburn is now part of QK.
  4. Hello..... I am new to this Forum. I came across it while researching MPS jubilee and Coronation medals, of which I've managed to collect about 40 over the last few years. A mixture of 1887, 1897, 1902 and 1911. I have quite a few questions on various topics and various officers. Odin.... Do you still have any copies of your book for sale?
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