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  1. Thanks. I will be opening a new thread with Romanian Independence War Medals next week.
  2. Good day, I have just acquired the following orders. I am not collection Tunisian orders and medals, but they had a good price and I said to buy them. Until now I have managed to find the following. Please correct me if I am wrong. Also extra information is always welcome. 1. Knight Grade - Period Ahmed Bey 1929-1942 2. Officer Grade - Period Ali Bey 1882 - 1902
  3. Thanks. I will try to make better photos these week. I will post the 3 first medals. No problem George Cross is a private production, also a collector from Romania told me the same. Thanks Looks like it's a private production
  4. Thankyou very much for your help. Here is an other piece that I have in my collection. It was given to a romanian Independence War 1877/1878 veteran. How much is this one worth?
  5. Good day, Found these medal at a carbooth sale in London. Is it the real deal or just a fake? I have no expirience in these kind of medals. I collect Romania royal medals.
  6. Good day, found this piece today in Romania together with other romanian medals. I think it's eastern europe, any idee???
  7. Hello, not to open a new topic. What do you think regarding this cross. I know it's first class and extremely rare, I think it's a replica.
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