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  1. Fourth class probably, as we can see here the rosette
  2. Most probably it's French made. Bertrand or Delande.
  3. I Perfectly agree with previous comment. Very nice piece. The only thing which could raise some concern is the sash, which might be modern.
  4. Quite doomed work, as there are no official records for soldiers from the Great War. At the other hand, it's quite unbelievable, as those records were the sole way for awarding the Commemorative medal 1914-1918. Of course, you can find records for most of the army officers from the Serbian army.
  5. Well, it's not proper order for sure. I would definitely skip this one.
  6. It's a very nice case. Congratulations if you have bought it, as I've lost in the last bid. I've tried to find any information about it, but had no luck. It should be the case for the foreign order from 1920s
  7. what about other decorations? He was a medical general in Russian and French army. I assume that lower three badges are from Russian academy’s
  8. Well it's the same guy. I am quite positive. It's a pity that the only decoration which survive in the family until recently was Order of Danilo I class and even that one was stollen.
  9. Just to add a link to the topic in another section. I suppose that he is wearing Russian uniform in the first picture...
  10. Many thanks Trooper_D Yes, you are right. He is wearing Order of Danilo V class, as well as Order of Danilo I class set, which is one of three breast stars on the second picture. The other should be of Italian order of the Crown. Third medal could be French LH, and the last Montenegro Medal of Obilić. On the first picture, I can't even identify the ribbon sash he is wearing
  11. I would kindly ask for help. On those those two pictures we can see Anto Gvozdenović, general in Russian, Montenegro and French army, and the last Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Montenegro. I would like to know if any of you can help me to identify his decorations. He was grandfather of my father's wife. One of the stars is a Order of Danilo. The order around the neck is Order of St Vladimir. And that's all I can do with certainty. I can't even identify one of the uniforms.
  12. Many thanks for clarification! By the way, he also received Order of the Phoenix (Commander grade) first (Republican) edition made by AB, Paris.
  13. Well, the medal is legit, but I don't have any idea about the ribbon and the bars. They are not according to the rules. I can't recall bars on any of the decorations from the period of Kingdom of Serbia.
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