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  1. What's the catch with that rather significant difference between the weight of those three orders? Are you sure that the screws were actually made from silver?
  2. This is impressive collection, but some of those orders most probably didn't belonged to the same communist general. Some of them do not correspond to the boxes, like BU2. I can assume that most of the orders are genuine, some of them should be checked, like OM1 (as the documentation can't been seen). More orders are offered than that general received according to his ribbon bar. But some even are not offered, as the Partisan star I class. I even have some doubts about Yugoslav Flag, as that is the last model in old box. I have the same order in that wooden box, which was awarded in 1963, but that was the first model. Appart from not being included in the ribbon bar.
  3. At least two orders raise my suspicion. Firstly, the Order of the People's Army II class, is actually III class and for certain Order for People's Army with silver star. Observe the head of the first person, which is cut, and that's the main evidence of the later model, which should be fine if it's not presented in the old box. The same stands for the Order of Military Merits I class, which is actually later version with six torches in very old box.
  4. I will have to raise some questions, as some of the orders are possibly changed, as they don't correspond to the cases or documentation...
  5. Well, it's the FRY emissions of the same order, but in third class. It was awarded in some quantities in 1999 and 2000. The price is less than 30 % more than the SFRJ one...
  6. Well done. Sincere congratulations on your latest acquisition! 🍾🥂 You are lucky, as after 1981, most of the orders, even in the first class were actually made from tombac.
  7. Fourth class probably, as we can see here the rosette
  8. Most probably it's French made. Bertrand or Delande.
  9. I Perfectly agree with previous comment. Very nice piece. The only thing which could raise some concern is the sash, which might be modern.
  10. Quite doomed work, as there are no official records for soldiers from the Great War. At the other hand, it's quite unbelievable, as those records were the sole way for awarding the Commemorative medal 1914-1918. Of course, you can find records for most of the army officers from the Serbian army.
  11. Well, it's not proper order for sure. I would definitely skip this one.
  12. It's a very nice case. Congratulations if you have bought it, as I've lost in the last bid. I've tried to find any information about it, but had no luck. It should be the case for the foreign order from 1920s
  13. what about other decorations? He was a medical general in Russian and French army. I assume that lower three badges are from Russian academy’s
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