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  1. Just to add a link to the topic in another section. I suppose that he is wearing Russian uniform in the first picture...
  2. Many thanks Trooper_D Yes, you are right. He is wearing Order of Danilo V class, as well as Order of Danilo I class set, which is one of three breast stars on the second picture. The other should be of Italian order of the Crown. Third medal could be French LH, and the last Montenegro Medal of Obilić. On the first picture, I can't even identify the ribbon sash he is wearing
  3. I would kindly ask for help. On those those two pictures we can see Anto Gvozdenović, general in Russian, Montenegro and French army, and the last Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Montenegro. I would like to know if any of you can help me to identify his decorations. He was grandfather of my father's wife. One of the stars is a Order of Danilo. The order around the neck is Order of St Vladimir. And that's all I can do with certainty. I can't even identify one of the uniforms.
  4. Many thanks for clarification! By the way, he also received Order of the Phoenix (Commander grade) first (Republican) edition made by AB, Paris.
  5. Well, the medal is legit, but I don't have any idea about the ribbon and the bars. They are not according to the rules. I can't recall bars on any of the decorations from the period of Kingdom of Serbia.
  6. It’s not indeed. It shouldn’t be pricey.
  7. It is well preserved SS III produced by Swiss manufacturer Huguenin freres le Locle. Basicaly, medallion is the same for the II and III class, minus the star. Manufacturing period is most probably somewhere between 1921/1938.
  8. I would like to present one of the rarest Serbian decoration - the gold Medal for Zealous service in the War of 1877-1878. It was intended for the merits in the war (even for those who haven’t participated in the actual war) and was awarded only 69 times. Contrary to that, silver one was awarded 376 times. The medal has the diameter of 34 mm. In the obverse there is the coat of arms of the (in that time) Principality of Serbia with the war trophies below and with the inscription: Milan M. Obrenovic IV Prince of Serbia, and on the reverse a stripe with the inscription: za revnosnu sulzbu u ratu 1877-1878 (for the Zealous Servise in the War 1877-1878). The medals were made of brass or bronze. I can’t say that it’s a Holy Grail of Serbian decorations, but it’s a closest I have ever seen. Now I possess all the medals from the Serbian-Turkish war 1876/1878, Gold medal for bravery included. The only thing which puzzles me are the small holes on the obverse of this medal, as there are seven of them, large enough to hold some very tiny stones. As I have mentioned, there were two classes of this medal. Apart from that, there was additional class, a diamond one which was awarded only to the Serbian Foreign Minister Jovan Ristic, as well as to the Serbian minister of War in that time, general Kosta Protic. I cannot say if those tiny holes are proof of that special class or they have been made for some other purpose, but they were placed intentionally to the medal, as they are all of the same size. The pictures will follow soon.
  9. Gendarmerie was incorporated into Army, as it’s a case even in nowadays in some countries. It should be dated in the period 1921-1941.
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