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  1. Hi Gents, this buckle is still driving me mad, 🤷‍♂️ tony
  2. Hi Andy, i read this post earlier this evening. Then just now I was sorting some cards away and spot this... If I’m not mistaken, he has the ‘square over line’ marking? Tunic seems to match too. I would never have noticed it another time. tony
  3. Hi Gents Rppc of an unidentified General Iron Cross, breast worn and a monacle hanging EK ribbon and another ribbon worn to the centre... Nothing on the back tony
  4. Hi Gents, i hope this appeals to you too... I would love to re-unite a WW1 Naval GSM with its fellow medals i supported an appeal on Twitter and found myself talking to true Hero. A British Army veteran of 23 years service. Bear now raises funds, through cycling, for military charities. He’ s missing a Naval GSM that was issued to his Grandfather. Ill share the details once I have them so maybe someone finds this one day.... Cheers Gents tony
  5. Hi Gents, Glengenie, Peter Glenngenie i have had similar feelings about many of my badges.... i enjoy badges because they can be picked up at a good price in groups like this. I used to think if one or two were maker marked, if just one or two were genuine then it was worth it, it turned out maker marks and ‘age’ meant little! So usually it’s a mixed bag.... Ive shared images of a few of mine and it turns out some that look good are bad and some the other way.... let us know if you got any help on the other forum.... best wishes tony ———-/———-///— Hi Peter Helpful link thanks..., tony
  6. Hi Gents i picked this up the other day with a few other postcards and pics. it stood out when I had a proper look. The French uniforms look old to me... the reverse does not have postcard format. i can’t make out the name written here either. (I only paid £1 by the way.... not €100) The front has been hand coloured in some places, the blue of the uniforms definitely. i’ve not worked out who the artist is from google... I hope you like it Gents. Any thoughts welcome..... tony
  7. Hi Bayern my first inclination was it is ‘burgundy’ in colour but now you ask I’d say perhaps deep purple i would also say the cap itself is a very, very dark blue, not quite black... Thanks Bayern tony
  8. Hi Gents i bought a couple of side caps the other day. It included this. It was described as a ‘Free French’ cap. i was wondering if anyone has seen anything similar to this combination? In particular, please, Is the red feather hackle a known ‘thing’? im happy the cap is a US issue side cap, dated 1942. I’ve seen another which was issued to a US nurse. the badge is pin backed with no maker mark. The hackle is well secured , not just tucked in. I think it is reinforced with wire below the seam. Also a small label (below) has been roughly attached. Ive not found the same design of badge but there are many similar. So.... Any thoughts welcome please Gents... cheers tony
  9. Hi Gents He might already be on here but just in case.... tony
  10. hi Gents tony -/-/////———- hi GreyC Good point, hadn’t thought of that. Cheers tony
  11. Hi Gents this one is an Rppc I hope the detail shows on it #1 wears an Iron Cross Ribbon, Chequered and striped cuffs? with map bag.... also standing in a hole On my phone camera it only picks out/focuses on man #2, stood to the left, with arms folded... There at 15 men in this photo.... tony
  12. Morning Gents my Mum was born in ‘39 She knew we should stop wearing them She couldn’t beleive I didn’t know. So i deflected her attention by reminding her that my niece in her 20’s had never heard of ISIS/IS....(sad but true) I suppose Its about education Gents tony
  13. Hi Gents What a great photo.... The one on the left, in particular, looks really young to me... tony
  14. Hello Bayern, I see and enjoy a well worded reply....! I hope you didn’t mind my salutation... tony
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