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  1. Sorry for quality of pictures. Please, advise on the possible cost of medals with docs.
  2. Hi everybody! Is this a Baltic Cross first class on the pictures attached? Any ideas on the item: fake or original one? It was found at the place of WW2 battle near Tsimla town, Khoroshevskaya village, South of Russia.
  3. Hello, Unfortunately, I don't know. The person who found badges will probably travel this place again and try to find out anything else.
  4. Yes it was digged out by my fellow in former USSR republiс, Belarus (Byelorussia, WeissRussland). Interesting, whether relatives of Ernst Einecke know where he was lost?
  5. Matt, Excellent, many thanks to you! Looks like Ernst Einecke died on the 20-th of January, 1942 in Byelorussia, right? Best regards, Ruslan.
  6. Great, thanks Matt! Here is the other side of blood medal with number. Would you so kind to tell me whether this medal was also belonged to Ernst Einecke or not?
  7. Hi everyone, Please, help with name of person who was granted with the badge (attached) number 9817. The other medal and badge were also found along with the golden nsdap badge in Byelorussia.
  8. Hi guys, Would you please so kind to advice on the badge number 9817? Pictures attached. Found by a fellow in Byelorussia along with Blood Medal and other nazi badge. Thanks in advance.
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