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  1. Also found through RCMP E DIV - Veterans some tidbits of what occurred in and around that time as the war broke out. During the influx of refugees fleeing Europe into Canada. The estimated number by loose census was that 170,000 had come to Canada. With 173,568 German and Austrian aliens living in Western Canada in 1914, the Canadian government decided to increase the Force establishment by 434 members for one year. These members would be designated as the RESERVE Division and would be based in Regina. In September 1914, they commenced their training at the old Indian School about a mile and
  2. I was reading through the posts and may have glanced over if anyone has already provided you this info--not that it assists you much in the way of determining the mystery but here is the information on file with the RCMP regarding the "Regimental Number" 1788-
  3. like I told you in our little chat off site, I mine has a slight bend, but it could have been from having sat on for so long, but yes the recruits very shiny and extremely flat.
  4. RCMP-GRC CURRENT VERSION BADGE - RETIRGE- I cant remember if it was LES saying check the back of the badge - unfortunately the RCMP issue badge is not hallmarked. the finish on some older badges being a faint gold like the RET one below have a slight curve to them ,but ive seen recruits coming out of Depot as recently as 2010 with badges that are flat and have a very polished deep gold color with noticeable pitting designs.
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