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  1. Hi. I need some help with these Austrian M1895 bayonet: Is plating (Chrome or maybe nickle?) done in Austro-Hungarian period or maybe later? Its look brand new to me? Maybe private private purchase after WW1? Thank you in advance Schlange Photos: 1.) 3.)
  2. Hi. Is it possible to make date / period of prodction for these badge? Pre or after WW2? Danke in advance Schlange Photos:
  3. Hi. I need some opinions about these Canadian Battledress: Is insignia original sew to battledress or post-war? Thank you all in advance Schlange Photos:
  4. Im little confused by badge pin end - most badge has two "loop", but these has only one? Also some number stamp looks little diferente in comparation to oders badges. Reason to worry or youst inicial production? Schlange
  5. Hi. I need some help about these U-boat badge: Is it original? Any traces of repairs or some other problems? Thank you all in advance Schlange
  6. Hi. Can anyone give me a some opinions about these badge? Thank you in advance Schlange
  7. Hi. I need some help about these Serbian Chetnik badge? Is it produced during WW2 or? Original? Danke in advance Schlange Photos:
  8. Hi. Does these one K98 S/175K hawe original bluing finish? IMO on the first look seems ok, but scabbard frog stud seems little odd? Handle screws also looks odd. Thank all in advance for help. Schlange Photos: 1.) 2.)
  9. Hi. I these really intended for Kingdom of Yugoslavia mountain units or for the civilian ski instructor? Is it badge period made? Danke in advance Schlange 1.) 2.)
  10. Thank you all for help. All other opinions are welcomed. Schlange
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