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  1. Hi. Does these one K98 S/175K hawe original bluing finish? IMO on the first look seems ok, but scabbard frog stud seems little odd? Handle screws also looks odd. Thank all in advance for help. Schlange Photos: 1.) 2.)
  2. Hi. I these really intended for Kingdom of Yugoslavia mountain units or for the civilian ski instructor? Is it badge period made? Danke in advance Schlange 1.) 2.)
  3. Thank you all for help. All other opinions are welcomed. Schlange
  4. Hi. I need some help about these Kingdom of Yugoslavia army cap cockade: Is it original? Thank you all in advance Schlange Photos:
  5. Hi. Can anyone tell me Kaiserliche Marine units was used Tellermütze with only marking Kaiserliche Marine on cap tally? On other Kaiserliche Marine Tellermütze tally i see name of units (ships). Danke in advance Schlange m
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