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  1. Nice, I must admit that after 30+ year collecting I’m not very knowledgeable on Kraftfahrer gear. I know it when I see if but don’t know how to authenticate. it looks genuine
  2. I just noticed a few of those Ulans were EK2 ribbons so that’s definitely wartime. I just won this nice photo I found while researching. Too bad I traded by 17th Husar visor years ago.
  3. Another example of NCO tunic though not a Leib garde supposedly photos dated Aug 9, 1914...
  4. Chris, it’s almost identical to yours. I’m not sure how many colors Prussia used for the Litewka. Also, I don’t know how many NCOs and officers may have ordered private made Litewka in field gray. I know there’s a photos of a field gray Wurttemberg Dragoon Litewka from a feldwebel turned offizierstellvertreter in FELDZUG 1914 or 15 BY MICHAEL BALDWIN.
  5. You’re correct on multiple points. I think the cut of the tunic is exactly that of the litewka and the insignia used is for the litewka. Attached are a couple more examples that I found. It’s very interesting to learn about more styles of dress. I’ve not spent a lot of time on cavalry style dress and almost no time on pre-war uniforms.
  6. C02ECD59-8FDC-40EF-AAB9-7CA2BD1343D0.jp2 2CEBCCE9-227E-41DD-9A64-BF2D0E2FDD5E.jp2
  7. The tunic is so interesting I began a study of Husar and cavalry tunics. I was unaware of this pattern. It unique and I’m not sure I’ve seen anymore ever post a photo of a servicing example
  8. More to the topic. The photos found make me think the tunic is either litewka or early war field gray de tunic that was used prior to or instead of a M15
  9. Here’s a very interesting and rare tunic that shows all the attributes of a litewka but may be a wartime bluse but I’m unsure . it’s a Leib Garde-Husaren Wachtmeister tunic
  10. I wish you luck. It’s hard to find much information an the troop’s uniforms. There are a couple of nice photos in the book “Field Grey Uniforms of the Imperial German Army 1907-1918” by Baldwin and Fisher. see shots from book. You may find insignia on websites This is an officer’s tunic and Shako. The officers wore white and silver litzen.
  11. Very nice. can you show details of the shoulder straps and collar? It looks wonderful
  12. Drain the bants ive never seen that tunic.... show us more... of the tunic
  13. The buttons on the breast and boards appear the same size on mine. I can measure but I’m sure several on this Forum know the button size by memory.
  14. You have the trousers for yours, near impossible to find Now this Württemberg Ulan Rittmeister wore a fancy Litewka too nice collar
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