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  1. Yes, it’s an attractive tunic. I’m still researching Landwehr Kavallerie officers and their special uniforms, as I have sporadically for years, with little success. interesting drawing https://antique-photos.com/en/unidatabase/german-empire/444-uniform-of-landwehr-cavalry-officers.html
  2. Possibly Saxon Pioneer on 1st two photos.Cockade looks Saxon, ribbon looks Saxon. The second photo is definitely Saxon based on cuffs.
  3. Thanks Glenn and Grey… very helpful. I had a Landwehr-Provinzial Kavallerie Friedensrock once and have seen a handful of Landwehr Kavallerie officer tunics over the years. Seems odd for those officers to have unique uniforms. I like the landwehr Husar. The Landwehr officer photo is nice thought I don’t understand why he doesn’t have a Landwehr cockade. His cap has red piping, winder the band color….
  4. I’ve searched but haven’t found much information regarding Landwehr Kav officers and men 1- I understand enlisted Landwehr men wore the uniform of the regiment. Officers wore a special tunic but why? 2- How would an older officer in the Landwehr only be a Lt or O/Lt? 3- Would officers in the Garde Landwehr Kavallerie wear Pickelhaube and visor cap of the sister Regiment? Ulan, Dragoon,Husar, etc? 4- Did men and officers transfer from the reserves to the Landwehr?
  5. Chris, you’ll need to hurry as I’m getting up in age and would like to see your book before my departure.
  6. Are you referring to the cap worn by Ferdinand? Yes, that his 3rd Reich parade dress uniform. The first photo was in Bulgarian uniform. I wish I had his ribbon bar
  7. This is terrible news but I was afraid he wasn’t well. I emailed him a few times over the last couple of months with no reply which is unusual. it’s very sad indeed. Chip was very knowledgeable.
  8. I had the same thoughts. Mark had some really nice generals uniforms and at one time a really nice website about those uniforms. General and a general staff office. I don’t think Mark collects these day…….. r
  9. Nice, I really like the wartime collar tabs. Im also fond of General à la suite shoulder boards and tunics. I’ve been looking for a generals spike but they’re just too expensive.
  10. Guys, surely someone has generals insignia, helmets, and/or uniform items to share. Here’s an M15 tunic that I greatly enjoy. Belonged to General Pohlmann
  11. Here’s the tunic and cap displayed. I think the head looks a bit odd but maybe it’s the light blue eye you can barley see
  12. Here’s an interesting display for a Prussian General with overcoat draped over the shoulders. Would others share their General and/or Field grade officers uniform items?
  13. That’s very interesting. I was unaware of these troops. I wonder how the units were structured. I tried to research this topic.
  14. I have two General staff officer displays now…. One has matching trousers. it’s taken years to find.
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