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  1. We had to replace our scanner and purchased a Lexmark. I can't get the same quality scans as I used to. Does anyone have a Lexmark X7350 who could tell me how to make good scans of medals? My old one was awesome but the new one leaves little to be desired. I would think some of these bars could be matched to a name. Unfortunately, I don't have the references required to do the research.
  2. These two are very unusual. Rick told me much about them back when everyone was active on the W-A Forum.
  3. Here are the bars I have left in my collection. Normally I don't sell or trade but I had a few more that I sold because I was talked out of them when I thought I was going to stop collecting. I realize that I CANNOT STOP!!!!
  4. A guy I know offered me one and the others to other friends. I got first pick and the next guy got second. Even the guy who gets no choice wins.
  5. Thanks Chip. I'm wondering about the rarity of each cap based on unit.
  6. Here are a few field caps. Opinions please... Saxon Reiter Rgt 2 http://img100.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p6060001qh7.jpg Jaeger Btl 7 http://img100.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p6060004sk4.jpg Brunswick http://img294.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p6060005pw2.jpg
  7. Thank you Soloman. I get those two confused and don't know why. Why are these awards so similar? Were these two Principalitys joined at one time by the same royal family? Also, can anyone tell me what units, if any, were associated with Scaumburg-Lippe and Lippe-Detmold. Forgive my ignorance but I've been away form Imperial German collecting for several years now and much of my knowledge is fading, especially the history of these two states.
  8. What's the difference between the types shown and this Honor Cross from WW1
  9. May i ask what auction? I don't have the money for these sorts of items but I sure would like to look. If you want to keep it private please PM me. These are beautiful awards. I never imaged anyone could have one than one in their collection.
  10. Bob, That's very interesting. Thank you for taking the time to inform me. I really don't know much about WW1 tank units though my interest is growing. I had no idea 2/3s of the German tanks were captured brit tanks. Charles
  11. Imperial German Tank Troops -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What branch of service were troops assigned to tank units drawn from. I can't find any information of the men assinged to the tank troops during WW1.
  12. I owed the bar once and traded it to Mark Avery. It a real beauty but you can't keep everything!
  13. The pilot's badge look real to me. I like the detail of the badge. I have read that the Germans had EKIs, pilot and observer badges in cloth. I've seen only a few pilot badges in cloth and all have been different. I would think most cloth badges would have a certain level of variation being hand made and made by different makers.
  14. Great tunics. I am a huge fan of Pioneer having been one myself. All of the tunics are nice but I think the NCO field tunic is second only to the general's tunic.
  15. I have NEVER seen the Bulgarian Bravery order worn by a WW1 German or Austrian. I have seen these worn by WW2 soldiers and I know WW1 aviators and obviously other were awarded these but I've never seen photos. I'd love to find a Turkish War Medal with vertical pin arrangment. I have a nice one but it has a horizontal pinback. What year did the Turks start awarding the war medal?
  16. I thought I would dress up the tunic a bit. I don't have enough Austrian awards so I had to add a couple German and a few Bulgarian. I have no idea what breast badge would be appropriate for the right breast. The only thing I've seen on an Austrian tunic on the right side is the pilot badge.
  17. Hi, Thanks for the help. That looks much bigger than I had thought those badges are. Can you tell me more about how these were awarded? Were they for the Royal family, military officers, or those who attended the funeral? I've seen these badges in different colors to. Why?
  18. Can someone ID the breast star on Kaiser Karl's right breast?
  19. I looked at that myself and it seems that the bullion has darkened a bit causing contrast between the tresse and the thread. The scarlet backing is applied very nicely and the tresse is original to the tunic. I'm not 100% sure whether the thread is original and didn't show when new or if someone tacked the tresse back in area some years ago. Overall, it's very nice and look very nice. Once seven decorations are applied to the chest and a pike gray kepi is found it'll look top notch. BTW, the are loops on the right breast. What Austrian awards is worn on the right?
  20. Collar Detail. Note how the scarlet section of the insignia extends a couple of centimeters past the gold tresse.
  21. I have always had trouble distinguishing between field grade officers and generals. From what I've read on Glenn J's site this tunic would be for a general. Am I correct?
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