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  1. Well, So far we have 2 for original and 1 for repro. Does anyone else want to offer an opinion?
  2. Thanks, I liked the bar but am suspicious of the devices, especially the eagles. I didn't think these look cast but I'll study them closer.
  3. http://www.militaria-berlin.de/cgi-local/m..._5152&ln=en What are the opinions of the experts here? I like it but need opinions on the eagles and spange.
  4. Does anyone have an opinion on vacuum sealing uniforms.
  5. It would be nice to learn more about the awards given to the men of this rank. I bet they were caught in the middle, no PLM and MVK.
  6. Since we're on the topic of Das Preussische Goldene Militar-Verdienstkreuz, did Feldwebelleutnant ranks qualify for this award?
  7. Wow Chip, I like that badge!! Can you add that to the list of items going to ME in your WILL?
  8. Outsthanding EKI That would be a great one to have.
  9. Thanks Rick... I still have confusion about the two Lippes Solomon, that's a lovely medal.
  10. LARCADE (J.L.), L?A7V Sturmpanzerwagen, Jonquerets de Livet, De Bello, 1998, 79 p. Where can I find this book for sale?
  11. Lippe silberne Verdienstmeadaille Can anyone show me one of these medals and tell me what constitiuted the awarding?
  12. Very nice... I'm a big fan of WW1 and 2 Australian uniforms.
  13. I think his order bar maker should have made consideration for actually wearing the bar!! 9 awards shouldn't take up that much room.
  14. Chip, thanks for offering your observations. I need to really study this before making my final decision. Charles
  15. I'll remember you when I do. Maybe you'll have something I like in exchange...
  16. How does the top ribbon bar attach to the uniform? It looks like it has a string that threads through loops.
  17. the reverse. BTW, this does not glow in black light and the ribbons are all original. The only thing that seems odd is the crown above the swords has more wear than the swords or the other crown device.
  18. Reverse. These were on file. For larger or better images I'll have to scan the bars somehow.
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