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  1. Thank you Glenn, 

    I'm always amazed at your knowledge and resources. This topic is extremely confusing to me. If Leonrod’s tunic is of a Flugaladjutant then  I assume a Flugeladjutant tunic should have breast pockets and Costell-Costell’s doesn’t. The photo of Costello above shows him wearing a tunic exactly like Leonrod.


    Another tunic of Costell Weitze once sold. I understand this is a Kleiner Rock and the insignia is correct for his position.


    to clarify, below is a M16 Bluse, no Kleiner Rock or litewka posted.


  2. Very close examination and the collar tabs are the only tabs ever to be sewn on. It appears the same threads used sewing the collar was used for the tabs. The shoulder board appear originally applied as well and the insignia look very nice and toned in hand. I do see where some buttons have been re-sewn and the interior have one sleeve lining missing but the rest of the tunic is very nice and high quality. 


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