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  1. On 08/07/2012 at 04:22, arb said:



    He was born 12.05.1868 in Castell (Unterfranken) and died 08.07.1939 in Hochburg-Ach. He was married to Amalie Prinzessin zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg. After attending Gymnasium, he voluntarily joined the 1. Ulan. R. as a Fähnrich on 19.08.1886. He became Adjutant of the IV. Armee Insp. on 19.09.1900. He was promoted Oberst on 11.10.1914 and Gen. Maj. in 1918 (sorry, no exact date).



    1918.05.28 (04) Castell-Castell, Otto Graf zu

  2. It depends on how many ribbons are worn. The MOH is always the top ribbon in precedence on the bar.

    so, if the lower rows are full then the MOH is on a row alone atop the others. If there’s an odd amount, like the Navy Seal, then the MOH will be worn on same row as another ribbon but in higher precedence.

    the staggered bars are just arranged so all can be seen.

  3. On 18/08/2019 at 13:16, saschaw said:

    Wow, now that's an impressive combination of high awards... however, just in case this is a path the further discussion might take: I would avoid to add anything else than what someone had, if such a tunic is attributed to a certain person. Or in doubt: not replace any (other, non-fitting) awards. But that's just my few Pfenninge as a purist.


    Wouldn’t it be great to have the awards Castell was entitled to display on this tunic?

    I'm still not convinced Castell was not awarded the EK1 during the war. It’s hard to find good photos of the man but I think this could be him


  4. 6 hours ago, Utgardloki said:

    I know that is a bit off-topic but is this a field grey Friedensuniform?


    I need to buy more literature about those uniforms. What was the main difference to the old blue ones? Sure the color.
    No more epaulettes but only shoulder boards? Not so many variations in cavalry uniforms? I have never actually seen a comprehensive description of the differences to the blue one.

    Yes, he wears a a Friedensrock. He’s Bavarian but not sure if the collar litzen represents Leib Regt, General Staff, etc.


  5. So, I wonder how likely it could be that he was awarded honors not listed in the 1916 nor 1918.

    in 1916 these awards would have been worn on the breast. It appears only the Franz Joseph would be worn on the right side. (Opposite breast side of medal bar) it looks like his Franz Joseph maybe without War decoration.

    Bayern Militär Verdienstorden, Offizierskreuz mit Schwertern

    Bayern Verdienstorden vom heiligen Michael, Offizierskreuz

    Hohenzollern Hohenzollern Hausorden, Ehrenkomturkreuz mit Schwertern

    Mecklenburg Greiffenorden, Offizierskreuz

    Preussen Johanitterorden, Kreuz der Ehrenritter

    Österreich Franz Josefsorden, Komturkreuz mit der Stern



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