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  1. The question of gold or silver stars and when the regs changed has plagued me for decades. Some french collectors have told me it was the generals choice while others have told me the color changed to gold post ww1.

    ive seem tunics and helmets with gold stars that I felt likely were ww1 period.

  2. I’ve wanted one of these for years and either procrastinated or missed my opportunity. I could a descent one a couple years ago to display on a tunic but just got one I think rather nice with its case of issue. I’m happy with them even though the first one has lost gilt to the swords  I wonder why that seems to happen to so many awards.

    I think my focus may been more on the ek in the photo of the first Crown


    my new cased Crown


  3. It’s not my bar. As stated, it’s on a tunic listed on Weitze’s site and shown in Baldwin and Fisher’s book. I don’t like the bar and it’s always annoyed me to be honest. I wish it had been removed for the book and it needs to be tossed.

    im not sure what to think of the tunic as it appears the shoulders once held sewn in boards but now sport boards that are sewn down. I’m not saying the tunic isn’t a real generals tunic but... I do like the collar tabs

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