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  1. Thanks for posting the advertisement-

    I don’t really understand why many Litewka and Kleiner Rock dont have matching boards. Many I’ve examined look like the boards are sewn in very nicely and look original. Sometimes I see obvious replacement so mostly assume those are tampered with but not sure why.  I don’t think changing the boards coupd ever make the tunic more expensive or desirable. 

    As for the aviation one I posted, it looks very nice to me and the boards look original as do the collar tabs. So, was it always aviation or was it once cavalry or Train? Who knows..... 

    I like cavalry tunics so when people mess with them trying to make an aviation it upsets be a bit.  I do realize most aviators who transferred to the air service maintained there prior branch uniforms and added wings to their boards. Many didn’t ever do that.  

    the JzP kleiner rock confuses me more on all the repairs. I don’t understand why the damage and repairs unless don’t after the war. Isn’t the Litewka and Rock a behind the lines tunic?


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