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  1. I'm trying to research this guy, but coming up with very little. Anyone any suggestions please? The letter was posted 3rd August 1944 from Ayr in Scotland. Also, anyone any info on the 4th Field Dressing Station, I can't find any info on them at all.

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    Greek WW2 National Resistance Medal. Selling off a few bits just to raise some money. Full size and original. A bargain at £12. Postage in the UK is £2.50, rest of the world £10.



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    Medal for the Slovak National Uprising. Selling off a few bits just to raise some money. Full size and original. A bargain at £12. Postage in the UK is £2.50, rest of the world £10.


  4. Really, that's interesting! He mentions a lot about coming back on furlough and how he'd love to take her dancing again. 😉 She kept the letters all these years. Wonder if they ever met again?
  5. Thanks everyone, that's definitely the guy. I researched the woman they were written to and she was a 27 year old housewife living with her husband. My GI must have been billeted with them. From the tone of his letters he must have been quite smitten with her.
  6. I took these photos in 2007 in Trebah Gardens in Cornwall. The beach there was used as an embarkation beach by the US for D-day. The photo of the undergrowth shows trenches dug by US anti-aircraft gun crews. The beach photos show concrete square blocks that look like huge chocolate bars. The blocks formed a concrete mat that covered the beach so tanks could drive on to the landing craft. Unfortunately, last time I went all the blocks has been cleared away and the trenches no longer visible. Trebah Gardens used to make quite a bit of its D-day connection, with quite a few displays and
  7. Hello everyone, I bought a lovely set of letters sent from France just after D-Day by an American GI to a housewife in England he's been billeted with. Is there anyway I can find out more information on the soldier, his full details are on the front of the envelope (attached picture). He was obviously very fond of her, judging by the tone of the letters! Thank you, Duncan.
  8. I managed to pick up a named Italy Star, I assume its to a South African. Any tips on how I can trace him or get details of who he was and what unit he served with. He's '214473, J. G. KENNEDY'. Tried uploading a photo but kept getting an error message. Cheers Duncan.

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    Ok, so this is the first time I've tried selling on this forum, so you might have to bare with me! I'm selling off a few things from my collection to raise some extra cash and have these for sale. Not really sure of their price so have gone in at £15. Postage within the UK £3.50 recorded. Not sure if I can sell these outside the UK as they might be restricted given they're Nazi and may be banned in other countries - not sure, I might be wrong? Payment can be done by PayPal.


  10. Anyone know where I can get South African WW2 service records for service men? I'm in the UK. If they're not online anyone know of a good researcher. Cheers Duncan
  11. Can anyone identify the manufacturer stamp PI-GI, I can't seem to find it listed anywhere. And if they can whether it dates it to a specific date? Oddly the suspension broach is upside-down, so the pin opens the opposite to normal. Regards Duncan.
  12. That's an amazing careers, thanks for sharing the photos and information.
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