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  1. Thanks for that, almost bought it as it was quite cheap then remembered, "if something is to good to be true then avoid it".
  2. Was going to buy this Silesian Eagle from a Polish dealer for not very much. Was quite doubtful of it though. Was I right to think it might be a copy? Or does it just look like a corroded genuine one? Anyone's advise would be appreciated please.
  3. Sorry, pressed submit before adding my write-up. Meant to say these arrived today. The ribbons are obviously modern, but I'm a bit concerned about the medals themselves. Anyone enlighten me on whether they thing they're modern copies or not. The Ethiopia Campaign one is oddly black!
  4. That's fantastic, thank you for all the information. I'm thinking that the ribbon on the example i posted is an incorrect ribbon, though I have seen a few photos on the web with that ribbon, so who knows!
  5. Does anyone know the award criteria for the Environment Agency Medal please? Can't seem to find any info on it at all. Regards, Duncan.
  6. Thank you both, that's really useful. Kind regards Duncan
  7. As a sideline to my military medals I occasionally collect other medals that look interesting. I see there's a lot of beautiful French civil medals that are otten very cheap - like the one in the picture I've just bought. However there's very little information I can find on French civil medals. Does anyone know of any online guides or resources out there, preferably in English. Many thanks Duncan.
  8. Does anyone know what it was actually awarded for?
  9. Amazing, thank you. I'm now going to check all my medal ribbons.
  10. OK odd question, but why do people selling on Ebay advertise something was UV negative? What on earth is all that about, anyone know?
  11. Hello, does anyone out there recognise this table medal at all? The guy I bought it off said it was something to to with the Urals and service during WW2. Also was the writing might say? I've searched the Internet but couldn't see anything similar? Thanks all, Duncan.
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