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    Ok, so this is the first time I've tried selling on this forum, so you might have to bare with me! I'm selling off a few things from my collection to raise some extra cash and have these for sale. Not really sure of their price so have gone in at £15. Postage within the UK £3.50 recorded. Not sure if I can sell these outside the UK as they might be restricted given they're Nazi and may be banned in other countries - not sure, I might be wrong? Payment can be done by PayPal.


  2. Anyone know where I can get South African WW2 service records for service men? I'm in the UK. If they're not online anyone know of a good researcher. Cheers Duncan
  3. Can anyone identify the manufacturer stamp PI-GI, I can't seem to find it listed anywhere. And if they can whether it dates it to a specific date? Oddly the suspension broach is upside-down, so the pin opens the opposite to normal. Regards Duncan.
  4. That's an amazing careers, thanks for sharing the photos and information.
  5. Thanks everyone, that's really interesting. Seems the arrow head on the Vietnam Medal is quite rare after all. Is that an oak leaf on the National Defence Medal in the picture? What would that be for? Thought that medal only had campaign stars?
  6. Does anyone have any pics of the US Vietnam Service Medal with ribbon elblems, particularly camping stars and arrow head combinations. I can't find any on google, so I assume they're a rare combination? Thanks, Duncan.
  7. I think they've got quite a few wrong. There's another 'Ummond Paterson' listed as well as my great uncle. Unless that really is his name??? I think there was some software error that cut names short when it was closed, and now it's too much effort to correct the errors.
  8. Yeah, it's really unacceptable. So my great uncle is forever commemorated as "Ummond Paterson"!!! I wish I'd never listed him on their website in the first place.
  9. I spent ages downloading info on my Great Uncle onto the Imperial War Museum"s Lives of the First World War. He was Private 4121 William Drummond Paterson, Black Watch. I noticed the other day though that they've recorded him as "Ummond Paterson". I emailed them asking them to correct the mistake and got the following reply, can't say I'm very happy: Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Imperial War Museum's website 'Lives of the First World War'. The website acts as a digital memorial to the men and women who fought, whether on the home front or the front line, during WW1. When the project began in May 2014 the Imperial War Museum used seed records, such as Medal Index Cards to identify people to include in the project. I'm sorry that your great uncle's name is recorded incorrectly. The Lives of the First World War project provided a website for family, historians and researchers to add information and photographs to each record. The project closed in March 2019 and it is no longer possible to add information to the site. For help with family research the museum has put together some useful links which you can access here: Tracing your Family History Kind regards
  10. I've had some very odd Memorial plaques over the years - kicked in the head by his horse whilst training in England; fell from a 4th floor window in Edinburgh; and accidentally shot at a rest camp in France must be the most unusual.
  11. Does anyone have any idea who issued this, when and why? Oddly I can't find any info on it at all, other than a few for sale, and that it's WW2 related. Cheers Duncan.
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