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  1. 31 minutes ago, RAL said:

    A silver star on a Navy Achievement Medal or a Navy Commendation Medal is, in both cases, indicative of a total of six awards.  Somebody must have really gotten around.  One might note there is no Combat V so neither, apparently, for however many awards, was combat related.

    Thanks, that's really helpful.

  2. On 23/02/2021 at 09:22, bolewts58 said:

    These 3 Freikorps awards are not difficult to find. There are several available on various dealer sites. A Silesian Eagle I cl. such as this type would be around 125 EUR, a Brigade Grodno Badge about 500 EUR and a von Loewenfeld Cross I cl. about 300 EUR. if you're serious about wanting these, I can help make suggestions for you.

    Thanks yes, I'd particularly like the Silesian Eagle. I was also after the Belgian Yser Cross (not the medal version, I have one of those) - sorry, slightly off topic there.

  3. On 07/06/2020 at 22:57, Simius Rex said:

    It appears that your GI was also married at the time he was writing hot letters to the married British housewife.  You might want to explain to us yanks what "billeted" means but I, for one, hope it has something to do with a threesome.  This forum could sure use some tales of scandal and debauchery to liven things up.  Simi.    

    Really, that's interesting! He mentions a lot about coming back on furlough and how he'd love to take her dancing again. 😉 She kept the letters all these years. Wonder if they ever met again? 

  4. I took these photos in 2007 in Trebah Gardens in Cornwall.  The beach there was used as an embarkation beach by the US for D-day.  The photo of the undergrowth shows trenches dug by US anti-aircraft gun crews.  The beach photos show concrete square blocks that look like huge chocolate bars.  The blocks formed a concrete mat that covered the beach so tanks could drive on to the landing craft.  Unfortunately, last time I went all the blocks has been cleared away and the trenches no longer visible.

    Trebah Gardens used to make quite a bit of its D-day connection, with quite a few displays and notice boards around.  Unfortunately all that seems to have been removed now too and apart from a small monument down by the beach, there's nothing linking it to D-day now.

    Fowey 2006 054.jpg

    Fowey 2006 048.jpg

    Fowey 2006 047.jpg

  5. Hello everyone,

    I bought a lovely set of letters sent from France just after D-Day by an American GI to a housewife in England he's been billeted with.  Is there anyway I can find out more information on the soldier, his full details are on the front of the envelope (attached picture).  He was obviously very fond of her, judging by the tone of the letters!

    Thank you,



  6. I spent ages downloading info on my Great Uncle onto the Imperial War Museum"s Lives of the First World War. He was Private 4121 William Drummond Paterson, Black Watch. I noticed the other day though that they've recorded him as "Ummond Paterson". I emailed them asking them to correct the mistake and got the following reply, can't say I'm very happy:

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Imperial War Museum's website 'Lives of the First World War'. 

    The website acts as a digital memorial to the men and women who fought, whether on the home front or the front line, during WW1.  When the project began in May 2014 the Imperial War Museum used seed records, such as Medal Index Cards to identify people to include in the project.  I'm sorry that your great uncle's name is recorded incorrectly.  

    The Lives of the First World War project provided a website for family, historians and researchers to add information and photographs to each record.  The project closed in March 2019 and it is no longer possible to add information to the site.

    For help with family research the museum has put together some useful links which you can access here:

    Tracing your Family History

    Kind regards

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