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    Spanish Legion Chapiri

    Hello Bayern, thank you. I have many more pieces in my collection. I will try to post in more detail in the near future but here is a link if you are interested : http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/collections-display/spanish-civil-war-blue-division-volunteer-collection-673980/
  2. Thank you for the photo of the real skull, I had no visual comparison and was basing it on the B&W picture. As for the two skulls you are referring two as being fantasy you are incorrect. They are original Spanish Cavalry skulls of the Lusitania regiment prior to the civil war. I am aware that cast fakes exist of this model and were marked with fake SS markings as a fantasy piece. I'll provide some pictures for clarification also adopted during the civil war by the Death's head battalion and use as cap or uniform insignia This is the fake cast being so
  3. Aldo

    Spanish Legion Chapiri

    Hello Boris, I would like to thank you for the detailed explanation and apologize for such a late response. Truth be told, I post mostly on the warrelics forum but tried this forum because there was not much experience with Spanish militaria on the other site. After about a month with no response on this forum I assumed it was inactive and really never checked back until today. I thank you for clarifying the cap question for me. Since this initial post I have amassed a large Spanish collection and plan on posting it here. Your input will always be appreciated. here is a sample of my collection
  4. I have obtained what I believe to be a rare Freikorps, Elisabeth sleeve Totenkopf. It is very large measuring approximately 7cm high by 5.5cm wide. It has crisp beautiful detail with an almost golden patina. The skull itself is very unique in that it has a large bulbous cranium with deep brows. I came across a period photograph circa 1919 showing what appears to be this type of skull on a Freikorps uniform sleeve, posted by Robin Lumsden on another thread. I hope the experts on this forum can confirm this for me. In the meantime consider this a photographic study of a rarely seen skull. If I'm
  5. I learned that this medal in question was awarded to Blue Division volunteers that came from the town of Ciudad Real in Castile-La Mancha, Spain. It's a not often seen medal that fetches a decent price on the collectors market.
  6. This is a Spanish medal associated with both the Civil War and the Blue Division. I've seen it referred to as the Royal City Volunteers Cross on some websites. I have not been able to determine it's origin or history. Here is a picture of one from my collection along with a Spanish Order of Military Merit with Red Distinction and Blue Division Russian Campaign Medal.
  7. Aldo

    Spanish Legion Chapiri

    Here is a photo of the cap with some other contemporary items
  8. Hello Gents, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking forward to gaining some knowledge on some recent Spanish items I have begun collecting. I generally collect WWII German artifacts but have recently branched out into the Spanish civil war and other Franco era items. The latest addition to my collection is this beautiful Spanish Legion cap. It's construction is similar to a civil war era Falange forage cap I have in my collection in that it's made of a felt or some type of lightweight wool material. The embroidered emblem depicts a Battle Axe with a Cross Bow and Musket type pistol over a Crow
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