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  1. Hy Dean, interesting to see this piece on a german bar of a WW1 fighter! As already said its the 5th class of the 4th Modell which was introduced in 1941. So you should definately check the bar of beeing able to carry such a "late" award decoration. Prices range from early 4th Modell ones to the current ones due to the used material, craftsmanship and makermarks - but in all cases below 100.- Euro for sure! All the best Christian
  2. It is a normal Merit-Medal without swords. The swords attached to it, are normally used for ribbonbars only. But as a Merit-Medal-with-Swords would make more sense in this place (EK2 combattant and Frontfightercross) it could also be "legit" and period made. Hard to say anything for sure.
  3. Thanks Graham for the pictures and the impression i now was able to get. Regarding the statement from Michael, which sources you used for the following statement (definately nothing to put it in question, just to educate myself a little bit more) "His theatre and date of entry tells me that he was 42nd East Lancashire Division, which means he was 1st, 2nd, or 3rd East Lancashire Field Ambulance. He was probably a Gallipoli casualty, given his discharge date."
  4. Interesting news!!!! But as i'm quiet new to it, i still have some questions ... - Michael, how is it possible to tell by theater and entry date the unit, he served in? and where is it possible to research that? - Graham, if you can illustrate your researchmaterial at least particialy, i would be very happy to see it, that i'm able to know how it looks like, as well, where you got that from and how? Thanks a lot in advance and for the already answered questions Christian
  5. Thanks a lot Graham for the very fast help! The whole card looks like the following. And as i'm quiet fascinated by the possibilities of researching british medals, i try it ones in a while, but stumble accross many stones ... The mentioned list of the silver war badge isn't online, as the medalcards, or is it? So far i was only able to find lists to officers, but not to enlisted/ncos. Thanks again Christian
  6. I have some difficulties of a Royal Army Medical Corps guy regarding reading and decoding something on his medalcard to me, it seems to be: SW.B. List TH/327 thought i'm totally uncertain what would it be. As its also mentioned Dis.23.4.1916 i thought that he was discharged due to wounds and the SW.B. is a "silver wounded badge" - but here it ends ... as i only knew of a wounded badge in general, but not a certain grade. Help is greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance! Christian
  7. that one? just send me a pm if you need some images.
  8. Yes, would imagine a Hessen Philips Order in last position as well and due to the whole combination i guess that it was a Southwestafrica medal in steel for service on the "home-front". nice one! Christian
  9. Quiet a nice shot of an awardee beeing not able to place his Commander Decorations around his neck - and as his civilian dress, doesn't allow him to put the others in the button-holes ... he olaces the surplus one next to his mini-chain. Also quiet interesting, that he favours his Finnish Order of the White Rose to be worn around the neck instead of his German Red Cross Commander. Hope you like it!
  10. Hy Johannes,
    are you still looking for croatian ww2 medals?
    All the best Christian

  11. Thanks! No, there is just this one (100% sure about that), and i imagine, as i purchased it directly and not via the web-page, it will be marked sold, when the next update this week will be done. Christian
  12. It was the Medalgroup of Generalleutnant Johann v. Ewald (1755-1813). Hammerprice was 45.000.- Euro photo from Thies Auction Cataloge page 31 showing the whole group:
  13. ok, i know, its not a photograph and no uniform, but i guess, still the best image ... and now residing next to "his" ribbonbar :rolleyes:
  14. Thanks a lot Rick, Ulstermann and Glenn! And yes, it seems to be a Johanniter around his neck and a stiched cross on the uniform - hope to be able to get a better pic of him ... as you are more than true ... its quiet a pic of "questionable" quality. A wonderfull bar, and definately beyond i would have ever been able to expect!
  15. WOW! THANKS SO MCUH! Fast and also quiet interesting to see a "Writer" behind this ribbonbar! ... and whats also interesting: he was on the Kriegsakademie in Berlin 1889 - 1892 and in 1892 he fell off a/his horse which caused him injuries leading to be out of service - and that started his career as a writer. here the list of his works (as listed on wikipedia): * 1889 Von der Lebensstraße (Lyrik) * 1891 Die Sünde. Geschichte eines Offiziers (Novel) * 1897 Deutscher Adel um 1900 * 1898 Eheliche Liebe (Drama) * 1911 Die Tochter des großen Georgi (Theaterno
  16. The week till now was quiet busy and as i had a little bit of time left today, i thought to made a quick stop at my favourable medalshop ... with nothing special in mind, and as i wasn't able to had a look at his update this week, my expectation on seeing this ribbonbar where "sold" - but lucky me, it wasn't i think this bar is quiet interesting, due to the 4th decoration On the bar are the following awards: - Saxony, Albrechts Order, Knight 1st Class - Prussia, Iron Cross, 2nd Class - Bavaria, Military Merit Order, 4th Class with Swords - Württemberg, Wilhelms-Cross with Swords
  17. the Deckoffiziers Liste does list as duties for the 2 Deckoffiziere (Steuermann and Maschinist) on board of Luftschiffen: Steuermann: while home - be aware of the condition of the gas - and controlling it "all the time" - small repairs on the outer cover, gas-cells, ships-body and steering-mechanism of the airship - taking care of the ship inventory and the paperwork regarding it while flying - navigation - meterological navigation - taking care of the "fuel" Maschinist: - similar to those on "conventional ships" - managing of the engine - taking care of the body (bones) of th
  18. it is interesting to know, that in 1913 the navy got their first Luftschiffe and started to train their crews first in Dresden, than in Hamburg-Fruhlsbüttel and later on in Cuxhaven. Teh Steuermann and the Maschinist of a Luftschiff where Deckoffiziere. according to the List of Deckoffiziere from 1933: - he was not one of the 719 Deckoffiziere who died in WW1 - he was not taken over in the Reichsmarine and what supprised me most, the list doesn't list the Marine-Luftschiffabteilung, for aviation only the Marine-Landflieger-Abteilung with I. Seeflieger-Abteilung und II. Seeflieger-Abt
  19. Oh - be sure, that it is definately not a lack of interest - but (can only speak for myself) a lack of knowledge, so i only read, as i can't comment with any further knowledge. But please don't stop! All the best and thanks a lot Christian
  20. Very nice display - especially bringing the model together with items from the Tirpitz - very well done!!!!
  21. True! But wouldn't he be in the group with 3rd/4th Order (instead of Medal and Cross), as he is without LS award, i expect him to be a Leutnant/Oberleutnant in WW1 and became Hauptmann in WW2. Do you know, if there was a reuss unit engaged in finnish wars? Or rather a navy award?
  22. Hy Rick, you confirmed, what i already suspected ... but if the numbers are similar to those in Waldeck, or even a little bit higher, there should be a possibility to id him, sometime in the future. Thanks a lot Christian
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